Spotting an “All-Talk” Candidate in the Interview

We’ve all been there before. You exit an interview that more closely resembled a meeting with a motivational speaker. Or maybe a tent revival. You’re overcome by warm feeling of optimism and a sense of genuine excitement. You make the hire, assuming you have your superstar employee of the future. What follows is mediocre performance review after mediocre performance review.  What happened?   You just […]

Gain a Competitive Advantage in Hiring

What’s the lesson of 2020? Store plenty of toilet paper and hand sanitizer, obviously. But what else? In terms of hiring, 2020 has taught us that it’s important to stay on the cutting edge to gain a competitive advantage.  Having a leg up in the tech game becomes a key asset in troubled times. It […]

1 in 5 Managers Indicate They Lack Hiring Skills – Here’s How to Not Be That “One”!

Hiring skills are far from universal. This is true even among the professionals tasked with doing most of the hiring. As we point out in our comprehensive eBook on the subject, a study found that 1 out of 5 managers admitted that they didn’t have the appropriate skills to interview and to hire people effectively.  Here, we’re going to outline how […]