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Feeling Defeated by Continuous Job Rejections?

One expert estimates that the average job candidate will hear 24 rejections before they receive an offer. That’s two dozen times hearing “no” before you get to that invigorating “yes.” Not great odds.  And that’s just the average. Don’t be surprised if your list of rejections pushes past the 25 mark. It’s enough to sap your […]

Ace Your Interview: Bringing the Correct Stats to an Interview

We live in a time of big data. It seems like every aspect of life now has a number attached. (Just check your Apple Watch if you don’t believe us.) You need to learn to bring this data mindset into your next job interview, landing your dream positions  by presenting the correct stats about you.  The key is knowing the right information to provide. […]

Stressed Because Your Employees Are Stressed?

As a manager, your employees might view you as a source of stress. Unfortunate, but probably at least inadvertently true from time to time. However, you know that you do your best to keep anxiety levels as low as possible at the workplace. In fact, nothing creates more stress for you than seeing your team stressed out.  It’s a vicious circle. […]

What You Can Learn from Your Competition

You want to beat the competition. More than that, you absolutely want to steal every one of their customers and take every inch of market share they own. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from them in the process.  After all, one of the best ways to bury your competitors is to discover what […]

Not Getting the Salary You Deserve? Here’s Why You Should Jump Ship ASAP

You probably don’t think of your time as a commodity, bought and sold on a market. However, that’s basically what holding a job involves. With that in mind, are you getting everything you deserve? Or is it time to jump ship and find a better salary somewhere else?  Those questions come down to market dynamics: […]

Invest in Your Career and Go #totheMoon

Compare your career to a stock investment. They share many traits in common. You commit resources to the endeavor and hope for #totheMoon-style upside.  Of course, stock trading can become a risky undertaking. That shouldn’t be true with professional development. By using the right techniques, you can set yourself up for a massive return on your investment.  Here are some […]