Searching for a Candidate Doesn’t Have to be Like Online Dating

With sites like Indeed and Glassdoor, the job-search process has largely gone online. This has its benefits, but it also comes with a downside. This digitizing makes the recruiting process resemble that other desperate internet-based human-matching activity: online dating.  The parallels are hard to miss. As an employer, you’re looking for someone who has the traits you desire. You might be looking […]

1 in 5 Managers Indicate They Lack Hiring Skills – Here’s How to Not Be That “One”!

Hiring skills are far from universal. This is true even among the professionals tasked with doing most of the hiring. As we point out in our comprehensive eBook on the subject, a study found that 1 out of 5 managers admitted that they didn’t have the appropriate skills to interview and to hire people effectively.  Here, we’re going to outline how […]