Should You Force Your Employees to Come Back to the Office?

COVID has changed everything. But, of course, the shape of COVID itself keeps changing. The uncertainty surrounding the pandemic makes it difficult to determine whether it’s time to force your employees to come back to the office.  But there’s a bigger question at play: should you ever compel your workers to return to their previous […]

Ace Your Interview: Bringing the Correct Stats to an Interview

We live in a time of big data. It seems like every aspect of life now has a number attached. (Just check your Apple Watch if you don’t believe us.) You need to learn to bring this data mindset into your next job interview, landing your dream positions  by presenting the correct stats about you.  The key is knowing the right information to provide. […]

WFH Might Be Causing You GREATER Burnout

The pandemic drove a massive increase in the number of people who worked at least part of their schedule from home. By the end of 2020, nearly three-quarters of workers (71%) had a remote component to their routine. This was more than three times the rate seen in pre-COVID days.  Of course, not all these people will […]

What You Can Learn from Your Competition

You want to beat the competition. More than that, you absolutely want to steal every one of their customers and take every inch of market share they own. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from them in the process.  After all, one of the best ways to bury your competitors is to discover what […]

Did the Pandemic End the 9 to 5 Work Model for Good?

The pandemic changed a lot of lives permanently. While many of these effects were heartbreakingly tragic, some of the lasting impacts will lead to positive changes for the long haul. Breaking down the traditional 9-to-5 work schedule might be the most significant of these lingering COVID consequences.  A survey conducted by Upwork found that one in four Americans will […]

Ace Your Interview: Digging Yourself Out of a Tanking Interview

You can feel the job interview slipping away. There’s an uncomfortable silence after you reveal your biggest weakness. A tension arises as you discuss your previous employer. You’re starting to feel a rising terror.  But what can you do to save the situation?  No need to panic. Just because you sense trouble doesn’t mean that […]