Dino (Client)

I wanted to thank you for all your help, support and patience in helping facilitate the build of such a great team we currently have. A lot of great talent came from Recruiting in Motion which helped us finally push to the next level.

Janice (Client)

I’m so pleased! She is fantastic. She has been such a great addition to the team. Kudos to you for connecting us!

Jennifer (Client)

Thanks Andrew for finding us such a great person – you always do a great job for us.

Pardeep (Client)

You’ve put forward great quality candidates and provided timely service. I’m happy to continue using your agency and look forward to working together in the New Year.

Danny (Client)

Thank you and your team for a job well done on this difficult project. It had its challenges, and I know we didn’t make it easy along the way … You have demonstrated your exemplary standard for customer-focused service and solutions.

Jeramy (Client)

Thanks again for your fast response, and just to let you know that out of 4 agencies I gave this call to, you not only are the one that has filled both positions but are the only agency to have set anyone up for this position so far. Great work and thanks again.