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Welcome to our first blog!

Welcome to our first blog!

We knew that a Recruiting in Motion blog was long overdue, but when we finally sat down to decide what to write about, we were stumped. What did we want to say? After a recent team-brainstorming session, many (supposedly great) ideas were tossed around, but were then neatly placed in the “to be shredded and we shall never speak of them again” file. To be perfectly clear, we will NOT be discussing these topics in our blogs:

  • Idea: How about discussing the state of the economy?That would be great if we were qualified Economists, but most of us do not the difference between John Maynard Keynes and John Mayer’s Keys.
  • Idea: Why don’t we talk about how much recruiting has changed in the past 50 years?Wait – what’s that sound? Yup, it’s our readers falling asleep. Zzzz… Next!
  • Idea: How about discussing what the Recruiting in Motion team does after work hours?Unfortunately, most of us do not lead super-exciting lives, and if our candidates and clients knew that we actually do not fight crimes, or solve mysteries, or create new scientific discoveries after our daily recruiting functions are complete, they may be quite disappointed.
  • Idea: Let’s review the technology behind our unique video presentation process!Well, as exciting as that may sound, we would not want to divulge our corporate secrets to our competitors (and, to be honest, since we are recruiters and not computer scientists, we really have no idea how the process works – we just know that our clients love it!!).
  • Idea: Let’s tell our readers how much better we are than our competition?We decided to scrap this idea as it may have come across as pompous and self-serving… and of course our candidates/clients already know that we are the best!
  • Idea: Let’s tell our readers how to decode recruiter-jargon!This was a good idea, and we may end up using this topic in a future blog, but at the time “we were crammed dealing with fresh jo’s, and had to sort out the comms and the comps of the peeps in our stable to shortlist the best perms and temps before filling the deals” and decided to hold off on this idea.

So, after many months of trying to “boil the oceans” and come up with just the right thing to say for our first blog, we decided to simply welcome you to our new website!

We cordially invite you to browse through all of the cutting-edge features that we offer, such as:

    • Easy to navigate with simple, clear functionality.
    • Amazing job-search functions.
    • Candidate registration and job-tracking functions.
    • Easy links to all of our social networking partner-sites.
    • Easy RSS feeds of our jobs.
    • Contact maps of our offices with direct links to obtain directions.
    • And much, much more!

In closing, here’s a quick joke:
Why did the recruiter cross the road? To recruit a chicken.
Why did he recruit the chicken? He knew it would accept a poultry salary… Ouch.

Have a great day!

Sean Kogan

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