Our Exclusive Visual Advantage System

Taking the guesswork out of recruiting.

Applicant using cellphone on tripod

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. A Video is Priceless.

How much time do you spend reviewing stacks of resumes, scheduling and rescheduling interviews, and meeting dozens of candidates that just don’t fit your needs? Finding the right candidates for your open roles can be daunting – but Recruiting in Motion is here to help. Our Visual Advantage System is designed to help you assess a candidate’s fit on every level to take the guesswork out of the recruiting process.

Our system shortens the hiring process by reducing the uncertainty involved when meeting candidates based on nothing more than their resume. You’ll be able to compare candidates to choose those who best fit within your role requirements and organizational culture. The process is not meant to replace traditional interviews for full-time hires – but it does make the interview process far more effective and efficient, with no surprises.

Our Simple Process

One of our seasoned recruiters performs a thorough interview with the candidate.


We compile a candidate profile that includes the candidate’s technical skills, educational background, work history, salary and location requirements, career goals, motivating factors, the reason for their job search, and other key information. 


The candidate answers interview questions on video. This short video clip helps you get to know the candidate’s personality, communication style, and approach to work.


Finally, we create an individualized web-based profile for the candidate that consists of their video, professional summary, and traditional resume.


Better People. Better Results.