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Follow Fridays: Lisa Miller

Follow Fridays: Lisa Miller

By Amy Boughner, Virtual Assistant, FiveTwoTwo Communications
Original link to publication: http://www.womensbusinessnetwork.ca/?lid=FBD68-75259-R4XER&comaction=show&cid=JWC8N-VKGM7-A3RUE

What is your business?

Recruiting in Motion is a boutique employment agency that integrates video-clips into their candidate professional profiles, bringing their candidates to life and greatly shortening the hiring process for their clients. We specialize in the permanent and contract placement of staff in Finance/Accounting, Sales/Marketing, Human Resources, Administrative, Operations, Legal, Information Technology and C-Level professionals We assist small, mid-sized and large organizations across almost all industry sectors including: Utilities, Marketing, Retail, Oil and Gas, Financial Services, Insurance, Professional Services, Telecommunication, Consumer-Packaged-Goods, Manufacturing, Not-For-Profit, Government, Crown Corporations and many other sectors.

What is your background?

I have worked in accounting and finance as Corporate Controller, Director of Finance and VP Finance in a gamut of organizations — private and public, high and low-tech, small and medium.

Who is your ideal client?

My ideal client is an organization looking to hire new talent, or an individual looking to make a career move.

What is your passion?

That’s easy! I am passionate about helping organizations hire the best talent, and helping candidates find the right job. This is highly rewarding career.

Why did you join WBN?

I joined to expand my network, which I have done, and to be part of an association which encourages and highlights other women in business

What can you tell us about the new ambassador program?

Some people can walk into a room filled with 50 strangers and exit two hours later with 50 new friends. But that’s not most of us. Most of us like to have a bit of encouragement; we like knowing that someone in that group of 50 people will extend their welcoming hand and introduce us to the other 49 people in the room. The ambassadors will be that extended hand. And will then continue to be the conduit for that new member to make contacts and to participate within the organization where she feels best suited. I’m very excited about the ambassador program and I know that it will greatly impact the participation of new members.

Why did you want to be an ambassador?

Two reasons: one, the WBN has become an important component of my business life and I want to share that with members, especially newer members who haven’t experienced the impact of the WBN. And two, I was very fortunate to have an un-official ambassador in Marie Boivin when I joined the WBN, so I immediately was made to feel welcomed and valued within the organization. All our members should feel this way, and if I can facilitate that for anyone, I want to. That’s why I want to be an ambassador.

Where can people connect with you?

By phone: 613-627-0777 x 301

By email: lisa@recruitinginmotion.com

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