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Recruiting Like it’s 1999!

Recruiting Like it’s 1999!

Candidates are an incredibly interesting, complex, and diverse group of people. They each bring a unique combination of soft and hard skills to the table, and can never be merged into a simple group or category. Shortly after I met my first candidate in 1998 I realized this simple fact; candidates cannot be placed in “buckets”. And no, I do not mean that I want to literally take candidates and place them in large, group-sized buckets (although that is bringing up some disturbingly funny imagery). I am referring to the act of grouping similar candidates together to facilitate the search process. Imagine the possibilities; after discussing a job order with an employer, I could simply go back to my office, select the bucket that matched the qualifications of the job, and present all of those candidates to the employer. One of them would obviously get the job, as long as I chose the right bucket! Easy-peasy, right?!
Alas, most employers are looking for more than a candidate that simply matches the skill-set located on a job description. They have the gall to want to find candidates that actually fit into their work environment! Some of them even have the nerve to demand candidates that have certain soft skills like confidence, conflict management, and the ability to communicate ideas. They actually want to fill the job with a real, live human being and not a 2-dimensional resume. Humph!

That is why I love recruiting! If an employer could find the right candidate by simply matching resume skills with a job description, the recruiting industry would have collapsed years ago. So it is surprising that some employers are still dealing with recruiters who are resume-peddlers and who are recruiting like it’s 1999. Matching a candidate’s skill-set to a job is indeed a challenge, but flipping resumes is on par with flipping burgers (no disrespect to burger-flippers). If only today’s employers could see a video-clip of the candidates in advance to assess personality and skill set it would greatly speed up the search process. Just think of how much time and money would be saved! Wait a second…that is exactly what our exclusive Visual Advantage System offers to all of our clients!

Yes, it is true that we put in more effort to present a candidate via a web-based video profile, but I have always felt that my clients and candidates are worth the effort. Recruiting in Motion was built on the core principle that we want to make the recruiting process easier and more efficient for our clients and candidates, and based on the outstanding reviews and testimonials that we have received over the years, we know that we are achieving this goal. One day our competition may respect their clients as much as we respect ours. If not, their resume flipping skills might come in handy at their next gig… would you like a bucket of fries with that?

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