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Recruiting In Motion on CTV!

Recruiting in Motion on CTV!

Although winter is in full-swing and throughout most of Canada we are battling the worst weather we have seen in many years, there does appear to be a “break in the storm”. We are starting to see the days get longer, and we are experiencing temperatures that may not be balmy, but at least they will not trigger frost-quakes. And lately, if you visit your local ski-hill, your hot chocolate will actually stay in liquid form long enough for you to drink it!
Coincidentally, as spring is getting closer, all of the friendly recruiters here at Recruiting in Motion have been noticing a definite up-tick in client calls! One may imply that this is due to the Canadian economy and the general shrinking pool of available talent. Alternatively, we feel that it is due to our exclusive visual advantage system that combines video-clip technology along with a comprehensive candidate profile and resume, allowing us to present candidate’s communication and presentation skills, and not just 2-dimensional documents.

This ground-breaking approach has definitely propelled the growth of our 3 local central-Ontario offices, but in Eastern Ontario the growth has been nothing short of spectacular! Our Ottawa partner, Sari Cantor, has recently been featured in 2 large articles in a prominent daily newspaper and has also recently been a guest on the CTV morning news. The first article focused on our unique video approach to presenting candidate, and the second article focused on wearing proper attire in the workplace. The most recent TV interview focuses on the competitive advantage that both candidates and clients can receive by working with the only full-service recruiting agency in Canada that presents candidates through a web-based video presentation.

Link to Video: http://tinyurl.com/mlxudpt

At Recruiting in Motion, we believe that our clients and candidates deserve to be treated like gold! Our unique system speeds up the recruiting process exponentially, shortening the hiring cycle and saving our clients’ money, and we would love to assist you with your next hire!

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