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Green Energy is Booming, and so is the Job Market.

green energy
In Canada, there’s more money to be made by saving trees than by cutting them down.

For decades, Canada was considered to be at the forefront of green energy and technology. It’s a mantle we are picking up again.

What was once considered the crown jewel of the Space Age is now available in the open, global market, and it’s making huge waves! Solar panels have come a long way since they were first used in space missions by NASA, and they’ve contributed in part to a massive, booming energy industry, which is rapidly gaining ground as world-wide governments become more cautious of climate change.

More often we’re seeing companies and private individuals investing in clean energy, whether it be in solar or wind power. In the Mideastern United States, you can’t drive more than a couple hundred miles without seeing a wind farm. With Canada’s policies focusing more and more on green alternatives to oil and gas, we’re beginning to see a huge employment boom in this sector. In the last five years alone, Canada has invested 25 billion dollars into the industry, and the employment growth rate has risen to 37% – nearly 15% more than the oil and gas industry. It’s no wonder why world-wide governments are dedicating resources into seeing this industry boom.

More jobs are being added into the Green Energy industry than oil and gas, with Vancouver and Ontario both standing out as provincial leaders in this growth. Nearly 30,000 people are employed within the industry (compared to just over 20,000 in oil and gas), and that number is expected to rise to upwards of 50,000 in the next five to seven years. When you look at the numbers on a world-wide scale, 6.5 million are employed in the green energy sector.

While there are concerns from the oil and gas industry that the green sector’s success is costing them jobs, it’s worth noting the high rate of transferable skills in between these two sectors. New programs are also being financed every year by the government and the green sector to educate and train people in the trade of installing and maintaining green energy production.

Wind programs in Canada are also booming. To date, Canada is the world’s 6th largest producer of wind power. With advances in science combined with renewed interest on a provincial and federal level, even more funding has been placed within the green sector with the goal of achieving astronomical growth over the next ten years, making this industry a great employment prospect both for those already in an energy industry and for those who want to apply their environmental passions to their job.

Hydropower is another fertile industry for job seekers. 59% of Canada’s energy is provided through hydroelectric dams. With 48% of Canadians in opposition to the XL Keystone Pipeline, and with an even higher percentage expressing interest in investing in green energy, there’s never been a better time to find employment within this field.

In fact, there are more specialized job-boards directed at the green sector then there are for any other industry in Canada. If you find yourself interested in Green Energy, but don’t know where to start, or feel like you might not have the skills to become involved, take note: whether you’re in sales and marketing, accounting, or even waste-management, there’s a place for you within the green industry.

If you’re thinking of changing your industry, and if, like many Canadians, you’re concerned about the environment, check out these links to various job-boards to find the perfect spot for you to contribute to this exciting and quickly growing industry.

If you’re interested in learning more about the green energy sector, or would like to see what kind of jobs are available in this industry, check out these job boards which are geared specifically toward “green” jobs.




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