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Why Consider Contract and Temporary Employment

contract and temporary employment

Have you every wanted to apply for a job but changed your mind because it was a contract or temporary position? Have you every thought about hiring a temporary or contract worker but reconsidered? Think again, because there are a lot of great benefits to temporary and contract employment for both the job seeker and the managing employer.

  • If you’re thinking about pursuing temporary or contract work: Whether you’re a new graduate or currently experiencing a gap in employment, temporary and contract positions can be a great way to relieve yourself from any restlessness or frustration you may have without a job. These short-term job opportunities can be a great way to kick-off your new career path and provide mental relief to any unemployment-related anxieties or dissatisfaction in your current career. If you’re a recent student or looking to change careers, contract and temporary work can also be a great way to get your foot in the door within your desired field. These positions allow you try out a role before you commit to it on a full-time basis. This is particularly beneficial for younger employees who may not have a permanent career path in mind. Regardless of the amount of time you spend in a position, it is always beneficial to connect with individuals in your desired industry to increase your list of professional contacts you can use as references or simply career advice.
  • If you’re thinking of bringing on a temporary or contract worker: If you know you’re heading into a busy season or there have been significant transitions in your company, bringing on a short-term worker may be an excellent solution to support your existing staff. Contract and temporary workers can be brought in to complete specific tasks or projects, or they can simply provide additional support for a specific department. Additionally, if you are impressed with the contract or temporary worker’s abilities, you may be able to hire them on a full-time basis or work with them regularly on future contracts or a freelance basis with full confidence in their work. Keep in mind that if you plan on hiring a temporary or contract worker full-time in the near future, you need to have an understanding of their desired employment status before bringing them on.

With temporary and contract work on the rise, now is a great time to look into it from both the job seeker and hiring manager’s perspective. Don’t think of it as lesser work or having an uncommitted employee in the office, think of it as a short-term trial period that will build skills and contacts for the job seeker, and the hiring manager will provide relief to existing staff and find new talent.

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