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Making the Most of the Holidays for Job Searching

The holidays are definitely a great time to eat delicious food, spend time with your family and take a break from the daily grind of work. However, it can also be a great time to kick-start your job search. The job market usually ramps up in January, making December the perfect time to start your job search preparation.

1. Know what you want

If you don’t know the kind of job you want, searching for it becomes an impossible task. Take the time to think of why you want a new job and what you want to get out of this new position. Is it salary-motivated? Do you want more responsibility? Are you looking for a better work-life balance? Create a list of key priorities for your ideal job and research companies that may align with your needs.

2. Freshen up your resume

If you haven’t updated your resume in a while, it’s important to do so. Leave yourself a good amount of time to make sure all your skills and achievements are represented in a well-written, simple and professional way. Depending on the job, you might want to highlight different individual successes that are most relevant to particular positions.

3. Look at your online profiles

One of the first things a hiring manager will likely do after receiving your resume is search your name on the Internet. What comes up in that search is often how they can form their initial impression of you. Ensure your resume is updated on LinkedIn and make sure that you’re comfortable with any images that come up online. It can also be beneficial if a hiring manager sees that you’re an active member in their particular industry, engaging with key people and companies.

4. Stay connected

The people you know can be your golden ticket into your ideal job. A previous manager or friend can help you figure out exactly what kind of jobs you should look for and sometimes, they can even help to introduce you to key people at a company you’re interested in. The holidays can be a great time to network and reconnect with old contacts.

5. Stay motivated

Even if you’re prepared, job searching can be a long road. Be persistent and stay motivated even if you do not receive any follow-ups immediately. You can always reassess your resume and the materials that you’re submitting to hiring managers midway through the process to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward. Remember, searching for a new job is a journey and sometimes it takes a while to reach your final destination. However, when you do, you will be glad that you “stayed the course”.

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