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Advancing Your Accounting Career: How To Network

The accounting profession represents an excellent path to career success. After all, it deals directly with an organization’s finances – a good start if you’re looking for a well-paying job in a high-demand specialty that spans all industry sectors. However, because the prospects in the field of accounting are so good, the opportunities available are highly competitive. You’ll need your best networking game to get ahead.

Here are a few tips you should follow to keep your accounting career moving forward:


Stay in Touch with Past Bosses and Coworkers

You’ve heard it all before: networking, networking, networking. However, as true as it might be for job searches in general, the advice becomes particularly pointed in the accounting profession. Finding juicy opportunities gets much easier when you have the right contacts.

Start by cultivating a personal network. This will be focused on a group of people that you’ve worked with closely on a professional basis and can vouch for your talent and expertise. To build this network, stay in touch with your important connections as you move through your career. Nurture relationships with your coworkers and former bosses.

Join Accounting Industry Groups

Former coworkers and supervisors might form the core of your professional network. But you shouldn’t stop there as you look to drive your career forward. There are many other ways to build out your web of connections, allowing you to develop beyond the confines of your previous experience.

One key networking hub comes from professional groups. By joining organizations related to your area of specialization, you will meet people in the industry and develop key relationships for achieving future success. You can then leverage these relationships for opportunities down the line.

Attend Industry-Related Events

Becoming a member of industry groups is only the first step in the networking process. And while you can gain a lot of traction through virtual networking (as we’ll discuss in a minute), there’s something to be said for a good old-fashioned in-person conversation. Meet new people and deepen relationships with your current network by attending events centered around your specialty.

By going to conferences, seminars, trade-shows and other industry events, you make it possible to discuss opportunities with people face to face. You also increase the chances of accidental and unexpected connections.

Follow Targeted People on Social Media

Attending conferences can be expensive and time-consuming. You can supplement the occasional in-person networking event with an ongoing, continuous social media strategy. It provides an efficient way to expand your footprint in the industry.

The easiest step in this process involves following the appropriate people on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and any other relevant platforms. The mere act of curating a good social media stream will put you closer to the center of the conversation. You will learn more, and you will be better positioned when it’s time to develop a meaningful contact.

Become An IndustryThought Leader

Success in your accounting career comes down to knowledge and actionable intelligence. If you can build a reputation as a thought leader, you can dictate the course your career can take.

Develop this image by constantly broadening your knowledge base and providing the kind of insight employers will value. You can do this by developing your own social media following. Social media opens the door to significant networking opportunities. Don’t stop at just following targeted people. Expand your acquaintanceship by leveraging the communication possibilities the platforms provide.

You can also expand your influence by developing an informative blog. This allows you to show off your knowledge and hone your communication and writing skills. You’ll have more to show potential employers, and you’ll raise the chances of unsolicited contacts. At the very least, you’ll be able to drive conversations that will help you develop more contacts and better relationships.

Driving your acounting career forward requires nuance and hard work. You also get a boost from professional advice. By teaming with a strong recruiting partner, like Recruiting In Motion, you will increase your chances of finding the perfect role for your skills and background.

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