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Get a Head Start With Video Interviewing

Looking to jumpstart a relationship with your best job prospects? Want to streamline your process and improve your candidate experience? Video interviewing lets you get a head start on the most crucial part of the recruiting journey. 

The arrival of COVID-19 made video interviewing a hot topic. Many businesses had to scramble to add the capability, just to keep their hiring schedules on track. One survey found a 67% jump in video interviews in the immediate wake of the outbreak. 

However, you shouldn’t look at video recruiting as a coronavirus-only fad. It’s not like wearing masks or elbow bumps, likely to disappear once the virus does. Instead, video is poised to become a central aspect of the hiring process. Here’s why: 


Before highlighting the other benefits of video interviews, it’s important to acknowledge the COVID-related safety benefits. No, video isn’t a coronavirus-only fad. But, yes, it has an incredibly significant practical value in the middle of a pandemic. 

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, it may be years before business operations return to their pre-COVID rhythms. With restrictions still in place in many areas, and new flare-ups occurring in many major population centers, it may be necessary to keep social distancing requirements going for some time.  

Video interviews lets you keep operations going during this tough time. You can keep your recruitment program moving forward, even when it’s difficult to meet with people in person. It also gives you an advantage over competitors who can’t offer the online option. 

Shorter Time to Hire

Video interviews offer numerous practical benefits beyond mitigating near-term pandemic worriesUsing this option makes it easier to schedule meetings, and the discussions take less overall time to conduct. These aspects make it a cost-effective way to streamline the hiring process. 

The numbers are extremely telling. As detailed in our eBook about the future of the recruiting industry, video interviews lead to an 80% drop in the time required for an effective screening. Meanwhile, the overall time-to-fill is cut by more than half (57%) when video is used as a recruiting tool. 


Video can be used in multiple ways. You can conduct a face-to-face meeting…a kind of virtual equivalent to a traditional job interview. However, there are other options as well. Video represents an extremely flexible tool for improving your recruitment process. 

For instance, you can automate the early part of your hiring process with video technology. This allows you to focus your attention on top talent. The lack of distraction lets you engage directly with the best prospects, investing more of your time with the most promising applicants. 


Remember high school science class? How you learned that every experiment requires a control? Interviews should be like that as well. As much as possible, you want the conditions of each interview to remain consistent from candidate to candidate. That way, you can make an unbiased decision. 

This scientific approach gets easier with video. You can ensure uniformity throughout the process, making comparisons more informative. 


The post-COVID uses for video don’t stop at the ability to efficiently screen candidates. Once in-person interviews begin to ramp up again, video meetings will let you develop a deeper understanding of your top prospects. It’s another tool to dive deeper into your candidates’ personalities and soft skills, letting you find the perfect fit for your organization. 

Schedule a video conversation before your in-person interview. You can get many of the preliminary discussion topics out of the way. At the same time, you can start building a rapport with your candidates. Then, when you meet in person, you have the opportunity to dig much deeper. Video has allowed you to set the groundwork for a more enlightening conversation. 

Integrating the latest recruiting techniques helps you find the best talent for your company. Partnering with a top-ranked staffing agency, like Recruiting In Motion, simplifies that process. Get the expertise you need to maximize each hiring decision. 

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