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Get 2X the Applicants With A Positive Employer Brand

Successful hiring involves attracting the right talent for your organization. This doesn’t just happen while you’re recruiting. It’s a full-time effort. Building a dynamic team means developing a positive employer brand, ensuring that your reputation is strong enough to secure the best candidates. 

A well-manicured employer brand helps your cause at every step of the way. You receive more resumes, attract higher-quality candidates, have an easier time landing the hire you want, and retain your employees better once they join your organization. By developing an influential culture, and then expressing that in a well-articulated brand, you can add significant power to your recruiting efforts. 

Brand and Culture

Culture usually seems like an internal concern. It involves the relationship among your employees, a way to define the way everyone in your organization goes about their day-to-day business.  

This is just the start, however. Culture also defines the way your company projects itself to the outside world. At that point, when your internal values interact with the wider business community, culture becomes brand. 

As highlighted in our comprehensive eBook about the future of recruiting, your brand makes a huge difference during the recruiting process. Studies show that companies with strong brands get twice as many applications than those with negative public perceptions.  

Accurately Present Your Culture

An attractive brand starts with a deeply felt culture based on the highest ideals. Strong values radiate outward, attracting top talent and energizing everything you do. In this way, a powerful culture lets you improve your hiring process.  

That’s just the start, though. The impact of culture goes deeper than that. When a new hire doesn’t work out, employers often cite cultural fit as the main reason. In these cases, a seemingly strong candidate couldn’t integrate into the corporate atmosphere.  

A strong employer brand helps you avoid these problems. You put your stamp on the recruiting process from the start, communicating your values and ensuring a better fit with the candidate you eventually hire. Here’s how you can express your cultural goals through a winning employer brand, letting you net two-times the applications in the process: 

Define Your Ideals

Before looking to build your employer brand, you have to define what you want to project. Consider your values and your ideals. Figure out the key message you’d like to send out into the world. Then, from there, you can deduce how best to share your outlook with potential recruits. 

Learn How to Display Your Culture

Once you’ve determined your core ideals, it’s time to turn outward. You want to share your vision with the world. Start with your corporate website. Create a tone that suits your self-conception and begin broadcasting that message. 

Use Social Media

Creating an employer brand shouldn’t represent a one-way process. To build a relationship with potential candidates, you need to elicit feedback. At the same time, you want to encourage engagement. Social media provides an excellent avenue to achieve both those goals. 

Engage Your Current Employees

Your current employees represent the heart of your employer brand. If they are satisfied with the experience of working for you, they can spread the word to the outside world. Ask for feedback from your existing team to improve your employee relationships. Meanwhile, your workers can amplify your message, making them the best brand ambassadors you can find. 

A strong employer brand makes it easier to attract and to keep top talent. You can enhance this advantage by partnering with a reliable staffing agency, like Recruiting In Motion. They can find you the perfect candidates for your open positions. 

Contact Recruiting In Motion today to find out more or take a look at our comprehensive recruiting E-book to map out the future of hiring for your company.

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