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Make a Job Offer Your Candidate Can’t Walk Away From

Finding the perfect fit for your open jobs is just the first step. Once you find the right prospect, you have to convince them to come aboard. It’s time to make a job offer your chosen candidate can’t walk away from. 

According to a study conducted by Glassdoor, about 1 in 6 job offers get turned down. In tighter labor markets, that figure can rise to 20%. That means that you need to come out strong with your initial bid. Otherwise, your best candidates will turn to other options. 

When you’re dealing with in-demand skills, it’s important to get your approach right. Here are some tips that will help you make the perfect job offer: 

Don’t Wait Too Long

You’ll face stiff competition for your best candidates. By definition, your top choice will be in demand at other employers. Act fast, or you’ll lose your chance. 

This often comes down to the structure of your job-search process. Once the interviews take place, you want to be able to close the deal quickly. Avoid long internal debates or endless approvals. Create a streamlined process so you can pounce on your chosen candidate before they start hearing other offers. 

Offer Fair Compensation

Don’t try to lowball your candidate. Some companies take an aggressive negotiating position and offer a below-market figure to start. They assume that the candidate will either negotiate…or they’ll get a great deal on a new employee.  

But that isn’t always the reaction. If the initial bid is too low, a good candidate might just walk away entirely. Even if you do eventually come to an agreement, you’ve now started your relationship out on a combative note.  

Don’t Spring Last-Minute Surprises

The official job offer should only formalize details that you’ve already discussed with your candidate. The salary should be within the range you’ve indicated and all the benefits should match what you’ve outlined in previous conversations. In other words, nothing should hit a candidate out of the blue.  

Don’t try to slip last-minute requirements into the offer. Even seemingly small-print details can become deal breakers. For instance, something like “your health insurance doesn’t kick in for 3 months” could lose you a candidate.  

Discuss all these items beforehand. It will avoid tense conversations down the road. And, if you have stipulations that your candidate potentially won’t accept, it’s better to cross that bridge as soon as possible. You’ll waste less time that way. 

Ask for Feedback

Your candidate will need time to consider the offer. That’s fine. In fact, applying too much pressure might force them to say “no.” Don’t push for the hard sell. But, at the same time, keep the conversation going. 

If your chosen applicant requests time to think about the bid, get additional information from them. Find out what they liked about the offer and what aspects they still need to weigh. Listen to their feedback and stay open to tweaking the offer in response to acceptable requests. 

Also, set an appropriate timeline. You have every right to request an answer in a reasonable timespan. Follow up as needed. What’s more, keep selling. As you make your offer, stress the value you can provide them as an employee and take the steps necessary to make them feel welcome and respected.  

Making the right job offer is just as important as the recruiting process itself. You can improve your ability on both fronts with expert advice. By partnering with a top-notch staffing firm, like Recruiting In Motion, you increase your chances of finding the perfect candidate. 

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