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Ace Your Interview: Should I Wear a Blazer for My Virtual Interview?

Should you dress up for your virtual interview? To ace the process, should you break out your blazer, your tie, or your pencil skirt? Or stick with the pajama pants and Black Keys t-shirt that has made up the wardrobe for most of your other Zoom meetings? 

Look, we get it. Working from home can quickly erode your hygiene standards. Suddenly, showers become optional and frayed hoodies become part of your work dress code.  

Yes, remote work comes with more flexible professional standards. But there are limits. That casual atmosphere doesn’t necessarily apply to job interviews. In those circumstances, you’ll still get some mileage from the old expression “dress to impress.” 

With that in mind, here are some factors to consider as you pick out the outfit for your next job interview: 

Treat It Like an In-Person Interview

Obviously, remote interviews have a different vibe from the in-person variety. It’s hard to muster the same nervous anticipation when you aren’t even leaving your house. Still, it’s best not to lose your edge.  

Don’t think of a virtual interview as a separate category. Prepare for the discussion like you would for an in-person meeting. From the clothes you wear, to the way you prepare, give every detail the attention it deserves. 

Look for Pictures of the Office Online

When deciding what to wear for an interview, you should consider the specific company. Match your clothes to the dress code of your potential employer. That way, they will perceive you as a good match for their culture. 

Of course, that opens up a new set of questions. How do you know the company’s dress code? Luckily, the internet gives you the chance to do some research. (After all, what else is the internet for?)  

Check out the company’s website and its social media feed. From the images there, you can get a sense of what employees wear to work on a regular basis. You’ll probably want to aim a little higher on the formality scale compared to a normal day at the office. But the pictures should give a good framework to decide.  

Ask About Dress Codes

You’ve tried all your investigative techniques, but you’re still left shrugging about the right thing to wear. Your next step? Why not just flat-out ask someone? 

Don’t be shy. You’d rather ask and look your best than guess wrong and feel embarrassed.  

Of course, you want to show some subtlety. You don’t want to send an email with the subject line “What Should I Wear For My Interview?” Instead, ask about the company’s overall dress code. Your contact at the company will likely take the hint. Even if they don’t, you can use the information you receive on general clothing guidelines to inform your selection. 

When in Doubt, Dress Up

You’d rather end up overdressed than underdressed. If you miss the mark on the high side, the mistake likely won’t hurt you. Your interviewers will understand that you wanted to impress.  

Meanwhile, if you err on the casual side of the spectrum, it could have serious consequences. The hiring team might misinterpret your choice. They could view it as a sign you don’t care about the job, or that you don’t respect them as a potential employer.  

Also, have a backup plan in mind. Know what you’ll do if you end up on your virtual interview, and your clothing choice doesn’t match anyone else. Usually, you can explain the situation near the beginning of the exchange. Make a joke out of your mistake. It will disarm the situation and show your ability to overcome a potential stumbling block. 

When searching for a job, you want to discover every possible edge. From your clothes to your resume to your work samples, you want to make the best impression. A strong staffing agency, like Recruiting In Motion, can maximize your ability to do this. 

Contact Recruiting In Motion today to find the perfect job for you. 

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