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Want to Afford Your Dream Car? Get One of These Jobs

You’ve heard it before: it’s not about the money; it’s about what the money can buy. Sure, you want your job to inspire you and to make a positive impact on the world. But you also want a career that will let you buy a sweet ride. 

What career will let you afford your dream car? Well, it depends on the car. If your ideal mode of transportation comes through a Bugatti or a Lamborghini, your professional options narrow. You should start thinking about the NBA or maybe trying your luck at a Silicon Valley startup.  

But with slightly more modest ambitions, prospects open up. You can easily launch a career in an industry that will earn you enough to grab that dream car. Here are some jobs that offer financial stability and access to some of the finer things in life: 

Software Developer 

Salary: $51,000-$106,000 

The title does a pretty good job describing the career choice. You’ll use your computer skills to create software programs.  

On the low end, you might have to compromise a bit on your ride. But once you’ve established as a software developer, you’ll have no trouble affording a higher-end vehicle. 

Project Manager

Salary: $68,000-$90,000 

This position gives you oversight over various projects within an organization. You’ll plan the details of any pending initiatives and coordinate the talent around you to get the mission done. 

This level of responsibility comes with its perks. Mainly, you can earn up to $90,000 a year – enough to purchase a truly impressive form of transportation. 

Financial Analyst

Salary: $48,000-$82,000 

Think of these as the soldiers of Wall Street. In this career, you’ll use your knowledge of the market to guide your client’s investment choices. 

The salary range presented here doesn’t do justice to the upside potential in this career path. Yes, starting out, you’ll have to pay some dues. But an in-depth understanding of financial markets can unlock nearly uncapped earnings potential over the long term. 

Physical Therapist

Salary: $78,000-$105,000 

We joked before about balancing inspiration and societal contribution with earning a lot of money. Here’s an excellent chance to actually tick all those boxes. 

Physical therapists help patients recover from injuries or disabilities. They make a real difference in people’s lives. Plus, their salaries can easily reach six figures. 

Sales Executive

Salary: $30,000-$95,000+ 

The sky’s the limit when it comes to sales. One of the great aspects of this career path is that compensation usually tracks performance. You won’t get stuck at a certain level. If you can sell, you’ll find ways to boost your income. 

Above, we gave a conservative estimate based on a broad range of possible positions. However, you can earn much, much more. Depending on the industry and the particular situation, a high-end sales position could easily top $250,000 in annual salary. 

Looking to improve your earnings power? You’ll get a boost from expert advice and guidance. A top staffing agency, like Recruiting In Motion, can take your career to the next level. 

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