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What Successful People Are Doing on a Sunday 

What Successful People Are Doing on a Sunday | Recruiting in Motion

Elon Musk. Jeff Bezos. That woman in your HR department who absolutely kills it during every Zoom meeting. What do these people do to achieve and maintain their success? 

The secret to reaching the highest level of accomplishment is complex. Everything from natural talent to hard work to extraordinary good luck contributes to the end result. However, one trait comes up constantly when looking at the most successful people in business: they take advantage of every moment. 

The workweek doesn’t exist for the highest achievers because everything they do plays into their eventual success. To emulate them, you need to get value out of every moment, from the first second you wake up on Monday through the final moments of the weekend. 

So, What Do Successful People Do on Sunday?

So what do successful people do on Sunday to fuel their accomplishments? (Besides, plan space missions while lounging on their yachts.) Here are a few weekend tasks you can add to your routine that will help you boost your success as well: 

Get Some Sleep 

You work hard through the week. At the same time, you need to balance your career development with your personal responsibilities. As a result, you probably give up a lot of sleep. 

Use the weekend to catch up on some of that shuteye. It may feel like laziness in the moment, but indulging in an extra few hours of sleep will only make you more productive the rest of the week. 

Review Last Week 

Did you accomplish what you wanted to during the past week? Are there things you should have done better? Answering questions like these will help you improve over time. 

The weekend offers a perfect opportunity to look back on the previous few days. Review the events of your workweek and put them in perspective. Consider the progress you made and how this fits into your longer-term goals

Prepare for Next Week 

Looking back only offers half the equation. You also want to use your Sunday to look ahead. Take some time to prepare for the coming week. This planning falls into two general categories: 

  1. Logistical: Make a to-do list, review your schedule, consider any research you’ll need to conduct — all the chores that will make the coming week more efficient. 
  2. Mental preparation: As you look at your priority items, get in the right headspace to tackle the likely challenges you’ll face. 

Learn Something New 

Set aside time on Sunday to expand your mind. This can include subjects related to your job. But don’t take a narrow view of the situation. Rather, you should look to add to your general wealth of knowledge, becoming a more well-rounded person. 

This can take various forms: reading, watching documentaries, listening to podcasts, starting a conversation with someone new or with someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Whatever the case, broaden your horizons and incrementally become a better person. 


Don’t forget the main task of the weekend: getting some rest. Find time to simply relax. Unwind after your stressful week, so you’ll feel rejuvenated when Monday morning rolls along. 

Of course, the exact form of relaxation will depend on you. Some people take the couch potato route. Others need to be more active. But whether you binge Netflix or run in an ultra-marathon, forget about work for a bit and enjoy your favorite pastime. 

Spend Time with Family and Friends 

Most importantly, carve out a healthy chunk of time for the people you care about most. During the week, you likely need to concentrate on work. Switch the focus on Sundays so you can build the relationships that will truly matter over time. 

Getting the most out of Sunday will help you achieve the highest level of success. But what about Monday through Friday? You need the right position to drive your career forward. A top staffing agency, like Recruiting In Motion, can get you the ideal job for your experience and background. 

Are You Preparing For Your Week?

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