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Ace Your Interview: Come Prepared With Questions 

Ace Your Interview: Come Prepared With Questions | Recruiting in Motion

An interview is a great chance to make an impression on a potential employer. They’re also a chance for you to understand the company’s dynamic and who they are. You want to ask questions of your own in an interview to get a feel for company culture, your fit within it, and the next steps of the process. Prepare before your interview and come to the table with good questions that will get you the answers you need and show your interest in the company.  

What Questions Should You Ask an Interviewer?

What does a Normal Day in This Position Look Like?  

You want to find out a bit of the “Day in the Life” for this role, and it will give the interviewer the impression that you’re genuinely interested. This will help you decide if the day-to-day duties align with your personal career goals and if the workplace atmosphere is a good fit.  

What Kind of Professional Development Do You Offer?  

Career growth is an essential aspect of accepting any job. While you know that promotions are earned, you also want to determine how the company invests in your continued development. If they cannot answer this, it may be a red flag that can help you decide if the position is a good match in the long term.  

Where Do You Think the Company Will Be in Five Years?  

This demonstrates to the interviewer that you’re thinking ahead and interested in a future with their company. Companies should always have plans for future growth, so how this is answered will provide you additional insight into the next steps with the employer.  

What Do You Love Most About Working Here?  

This is a great question that helps humanize your interviewer and gives you great insight into the company’s culture. It shows the interviewer that you’re genuinely interested in their thoughts on the company and can provide you with a great way to evaluate an offer if you get one.  

When Do you Plan to Make a Decision?  

The last question you should always ask is about the decision-making timeframe. You want to know when to take the next steps to follow up after the interview. Asking them how soon they want to make a decision will tell you how quickly you should follow up if you don’t hear back from them.  

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