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Don’t Stress: You Will Find your Groove in Your New Job 

Don't Stress: You Will Find your Groove in Your New Job | Recruiting in Motion

The first day of a new job can be highly stressful. But don’t worry, everyone has been there before. While you may feel overwhelmed with everything you need to learn, know that you’re not alone and will find your groove. Are you looking for the pep talk that can keep you excited about starting your next job? This blog post is for you.  

 Here Are Some Tips To Get You Into Your Groove At Your New Job

Start Your Day Strong 

A lot of how your workday goes depends on how your day starts. If you’re rushing around feeling frantic, that stress will carry over into your job. Plan your mornings so you can do all of the things you need before you leave for work. If you can, work in some time for relaxation or exercise.  

Make Your Workspace Yours 

With very few exceptions, employers generally expect you to personalize your workspace. Bring in photos from home, a calendar, desk organizers, or whatever makes you feel happy in your space. You want to make it feel homey without feeling cluttered.  

Put Yourself Out There 

It can be hard to meet new people, especially if you are an introvert or have social anxiety. Making an effort to meet the people around you will be a good investment of your time. Taking the initiative can be much less scary than hoping people will come to talk to you, so go ahead and say hi.  

Focus on Positive Self-Talk 

Starting a new job can be overwhelming. And it’s easy to let yourself become a victim of imposter syndrome. But you can curb this tendency by focusing on positive self-talk with these affirmations:  

  • They hired me for a reason  
  • I am a strong and capable person 
  • I am worthy  
  • I can do this

Know You Got This  

At the end of the day, what’s important is that you put yourself out there, tried your best, and learned something new. You’ll do it all again tomorrow. You have this, and nerves or stress can’t take that away. Be prepared with a notebook and pen to write down questions, don’t be afraid to talk to your supervisor, and go home feeling accomplished. 

Are you looking for a great start on a new job?

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