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Ace Your Interview: How to End It with Class  

Ace Your Interview: How to End It with Class | Recruiting in Motion Over the last several weeks, we’ve been providing the How to Ace Your Interview series to give you additional tips for your job search. Now that you’ve seen how to build confidence, as questions, and prepare with practice, there is one last step to the process. How do you wrap up your interview in the most productive and effective ways? Here are some tips for the best endings to a great meeting.  

How to End Your Interview With Class 

Reiterate Your Qualifications and Interest 

As the interview is coming to a close, it’s vital that you express your interest and make sure you restate your qualifications as they match the job. “I’m excited about this opportunity. I know that my years of experience with a related industry will make me a great fit for your organization, and I look forward to learning about the next steps.”  

Address Any Concerns 

Now is also your chance to address any concerns. Do you have questions about the company that you want to clarify? Did you realize that you missed some critical information as you were talking? You can say something like, “Oh, I forgot to mention when we talked about office organization that I like to use an online calendar to keep things organized. What kind of project management system do you use?”  

Ask About the Next Steps 

You also want to find out what to expect as you move forward. How long do they expect to make a decision? When do they hope to have the position filled? You can ask these questions to give you an idea of when you might want to follow up to see where they are with the process.  

Get Contact Info 

Don’t forget to ask your interviewer for a card so you have their contact information. They likely already gave you one, but if they didn’t, make sure you ask. This is perfectly acceptable and expected. Don’t rely on the fact that you may have emailed or talked with them before; that information could be different based on several factors.  

Thank Them for Their Time 

Always remember to thank them for their time. Say it as you’re leaving the interview. When you get home, write a thank you note. Whether you send an email that afternoon or the following day or drop a handwritten note in the mail, it’s good to take this step. It can make all the difference.  

Follow Up 

Lastly, you want to make sure you follow up after the interview. This is where your fact-finding comes in handy. If they told you when they expect to make a decision, mark that day down on your calendar and call or email them that day. If they did not give an exact time, follow up in five business days.  

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