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How to Know if You Struck Gold in Your Next Job 

How to Know if You Struck Gold in Your Next Job | Recruiting in Motion

It’s easy to get stuck in your head and not be able to see the forest through the trees. But sometimes, we must take a step back to see the entire picture. The same is true when you accept a new job. How do you know if you found a great place to develop your career? Here are some signs that show you’ve struck gold.  

How Do You Know if You Found The Perfect Job?

You’re Excited and Motivated 

Do you love going to work every day? Do you love what you do? Are you excited to tell people about it when you’re not at work? You’ve struck gold if you’re excited and motivated at your job. Sure, some days and tasks aren’t your favorites, but if you’re generally motivated, you’re doing a great job.  

You Trust Your Instincts, and So Does Your Boss 

You feel like you have a grasp on what’s going on. You can make decisions quickly and easily and trust the outcome. More importantly, your boss trusts you and gives you the autonomy to make decisions. They’re not micromanaging you and check in to provide support, feedback, and gratitude. That’s a great work environment.  

Sundays Aren’t Scary 

66% of Americans say they dread going to work on Monday. Sundays are unpleasant because they’re worried about what happens when they have to start work again in the morning and don’t like what they’re doing. If this doesn’t apply to you and you don’t mind returning to work on Monday, you’re doing great in your career.  

You’re Not Looking for Something Else Out There 

Another clear indicator that you like what you do is that you’re not actively looking for something else. Some people like what they do well enough, but given the opportunity, they would leave for a new job. But if you’ve struck gold in your career, you’re delighted to stay where you are.  

You Feel Like You’re Constantly Learning 

A lot of restlessness comes from not learning new things. You don’t feel stuck when you’re in a position you love. You learn new things every day just as a function of your work, or you volunteer to learn something that can help you excel.  

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