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Ace Your Interview: Wrapping Up For The Final Interview 

Ace Your Interview: Wrapping Up For The Final Interview | Recruiting in Motion Most jobs today require multiple interviews before extending an offer. But it’s easy to start feeling interview fatigue before the most critical meeting. Attending several interviews can feel overwhelming, but each has a different purpose in the process. How do you prepare for that final interview to be sure to leave them with the best impression while they make their decision? Here are some tips to help.  

How Do You Wrap Up an Interview? 

Stay Confident but Not Overconfident 

You want to remain confident in this interview. It’s clear the company likes your background and is interested, so you don’t need to second guess yourself. On the other hand, avoid going over the top with your confidence level. You haven’t gotten the offer yet, and your behavior in this final interview must convey the right message.  

Showcase Your Knowledge 

Now is the time to showcase your knowledge, not just your experience. You should already have a good idea of what a day in the life will look like if you take this position, so make your questions and answers reflect that. Think about what you might need to know on your first day and ask about these concepts. It will show them that you’ve put a lot of thought into their opportunity.  

Reframe or Expand on Previous Information  

One big mistake job seekers make at this stage of the interview process is simply regurgitating information they already discussed. Instead, consider how to reframe or expand on previous topics to show that you’re always thinking about new ways to discuss these ideas.  

Prepare Ahead of the Interview 

It’s not uncommon for a final round of interviews to take some time, so you want to be well prepared. Get a good night’s sleep before the interview. Refresh your research on the company, bring copies of your resume and reference list, dress appropriately based on the company’s indications, and have several questions in your mind to ask.  

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