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Ace Your Interview: Watch Out for these Common Mistakes 

Ace Your Interview: Watch Out for these Common Mistakes | Recruiting in Motion

You’re likely aware of the most common interview mistakes. You know not to be late, and you learn to do your research on the company. But while these are a big deal, some other overlooked mistakes can make a difference. You may not even know what you’ve done, and repeating the problem is easy. Here are some of the most overlooked interview mistakes you could be making and how to adjust.  

What Interview Mistakes Can You Avoid?

You Show Interest in the Company but Not the Job 

Advice to be enthusiastic about the company is good. You should do your homework, learn about the organization, and have intelligent questions to ask in the interview. But if you focus too much on the company and not the job, they may think you’re just looking for a foot in the door and aren’t interested in the specific work. Be sure to include the job in your enthusiasm.  

You Tend to Overshare Details  

Being excited about something doesn’t make it essential to mention it in an interview. You may send the wrong signal by sharing irrelevant details about the job or company. The interviewer may worry that you’re not focused on this job or that you’d rather be doing something else. Ensure the information you discuss in the interview is relevant and brief.  

You Don’t Have a Positive Attitude 

Negativity is an opportunity destroyer. Interviewers will reject candidates who spend more time complaining about previous experiences than sharing why they are interested in this one. That doesn’t mean you have to be Pollyanna, but you need to check your attitude and ensure you’re in the right headspace to give a positive impression.  

You Don’t Ask Any Questions 

Before your interview, prepare questions to ask. Make sure your questions aren’t basic such as “What does your company do.” Instead, once you review the company information, you can ask clarifying questions for more detail. The same is true for the job. If you fail to ask questions, they may think you’re not interested. If they do answer all of your questions before you can ask, a good thing to add is always, “What do you like most about working here?”  

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