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Top 4 Business Podcasts 

Top 4 Business Podcasts | Recruiting in Motion

What do you typically do during your commute? Or, if you’re working remotely, maybe you listen to Drive Time Radio in the morning. But there are better ways to maximize this time. Listening to business podcasts can offer insights into your work and ways to improve. Here are the four best podcasts to listen to at work or home.  

What Are The Best Business Podcasts to Listen To?

World Business Report 

Getting news from the BBC is a great way to start your day. And end it. The World Business Report is put out twice a day and will help you stay updated on all the latest news in the business world. This can help you stay informed, make essential decisions, and take your career to the next level. The episodes are short, so staying informed won’t take too long.  

How I Built This 

If you’re after motivation, How I Built This is a great podcast for you. NPR’s Guy Raz talks to business leaders about their entrepreneurial adventures. The show uses storytelling to keep you engaged and informed. It’s a great hour listen that will keep you excited about your next career move.  

Mind Your Business 

James Wedmore’s podcast is all about creating the right mindset for success. This podcast will give you all the tops you need to incorporate a positive attitude into your career plans to help you reach the following levels. He even argues that the right mindset is more important than action and planning, but you’ll want to listen to learn his message.  

School of Greatness 

This podcast has been running for ten years, and there is a wealth of information in back episodes. Host Lewis Howes shares his philosophy, lessons, and interviews with celebrities in the business world. It’s well worth going back and listening to the wisdom presented in this podcast over the years.  

What is your favorite business podcast?

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