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Work From Home Dos and Don’ts

Work From Home Dos and Don’ts | Recruiting in Motion

Working from home has become one of the biggest trends and greatest perks of professional jobs today. If you decide to work remotely and find a great job, there are some things you might want to know about successfully working from home. Here are the dos and don’ts of remote work to stay productive and distraction-free.

What Are the Dos and Don’t For Working From Home?

Create an Organized Workspace

In an office, you have all of your necessary tools within reach. But at home, when your work competes for space with your home life, it’s crucial to have everything in its place. Create an organized workspace where you can access everything you need to do your daily work, including your computer, necessary files, a printer, and office supplies.

Avoid Distractions

The biggest concern among employers is that working from home will lead to additional distractions that will impact productivity. It’s up to you to ensure that your work environment is distraction-free, so make sure your workspace is away from family members or pets who could draw your attention away from the work you’re committed to doing.

Take Breaks

However, just because you need to focus on work doesn’t mean you can’t step away now and then. Even in an office, you can get up from your desk, visit the break room, go outside, or take other breaks throughout the day. You can do the same at home when you’re working to help you refocus between tasks.

Don’t Procrastinate

A big enemy of productivity is procrastination. When you procrastinate in the office, it can be evident that you’re avoiding work by checking social media or doing tasks that don’t need your attention. At home, procrastination can take on a new form, such as doing laundry instead of working on your projects. Make yourself focus and save those chores for your personal time.

Set Office Hours and Boundaries

Many people struggle with creating boundaries when working from home. Because they don’t have a commute, they may be tempted to start work earlier and work later every day. You may even feel the urge to check your email after hours or answer texts or calls. Establishing boundaries and ensuring your coworkers and managers know your working hours is essential.

Maintain Communication

While working from home, communication becomes an even bigger priority than in the office. When you’re working around your managers and coworkers, they can check in with you regularly. But at home, they have trust that you’re accomplishing things without their supervision. You can proactively avoid problems if you focus on maintaining strong communication. Check-in with your boss regularly, ask questions when you need to, and use the tools provided by your company to keep in touch as needed.

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