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How to Properly Manage Remote Teams without Micromanaging

How to Properly Manage Remote Teams without Micromanaging | Recruiting in Motion

Micromanaging is a lousy word for employers, but with the shift to remote work, how do you ensure that your team is on task and working efficiently? Some strategies can help you manage remote teams without leaning on micromanagement as your technique. Here are a few ways leaders can encourage productivity without micromanaging.

How Can You Manage Remote Teams with Micromanaging?

Recognize Accomplishments

Gratitude is an essential value when managing a remote team. You always want to thank your employees for their contributions, especially accomplishments. This establishes a culture of trust, and your employees know they are valued and appreciated. Empowering your employees this way will make them more efficient and productive.

Track Goals

Even though your team is remote, you want to track goals to ensure everyone is on the same page. When everyone knows their part in the process, it will be easier to see where things may have fallen through the cracks. You will be able to adjust quickly and get back on track.

Be Transparent

Employees struggle with leaders who aren’t transparent. The more your team knows, the more effective they can be. This comes down to trust, and if you avoid telling them information that can affect their performance and ability to do their job, they will become frustrated with the process. So be honest and treat them with integrity, regardless of the message.

Communicate Well

Communication will be the backbone of good management with your remote workers. How you communicate will depend on your organization’s culture and available tools. You can set regular video conference meetings if they help distribute information. You can also facilitate a department-wide chat on your project management system.

Set Daily Focus Goals

Don’t forget the daily goals in your department. While you don’t want to get into micromanaging every aspect of your team’s time, you can set goals for things each day. This helps with focus to ensure that people don’t get easily distracted when not in an office environment. Don’t stress too much over methods and processes, but focus on results and deadlines.

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