Idealistic Starting Salaries for New Graduates

Ah, the real world. You’ve been hearing about it for at least a couple of decades. Now, you’re finally graduating and can hit the job market with your fresh degrees.  But what kind of salary can you expect? All the work you put into your college education is about to start paying off. But many […]

Candidate Edition: When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Orange Juice

Recruiting is far from an exact science. In fact, the process fails almost as much as it works. One study showed that nearly half of all new hires (46%) fail in the first 18 months.  Does that mean there is a lack of suitable candidates? Sometimes. But it’s also part of your recruiting task to make the […]

Stressed Because Your Employees Are Stressed?

As a manager, your employees might view you as a source of stress. Unfortunate, but probably at least inadvertently true from time to time. However, you know that you do your best to keep anxiety levels as low as possible at the workplace. In fact, nothing creates more stress for you than seeing your team stressed out.  It’s a vicious circle. […]

Failing at your “Get Rich Quick Scheme”? Here’s 5 Jobs that WILL Get You Rich

Pyramid schemes. MLM fantasies. Day trading in Dogecoin. Not getting ahead with your get-rich-quick schemes? Why not find a job that will bring you the money you need to thrive?  It might be easier than you think to find a lucrative career. Sure, most high-paying positions require specialized skills. But once you invest the time and resources […]

Focus on Becoming a Dream Company Not Having Dream Jobs

You hear a lot of talk about “dream jobs.” Supposedly, every top candidate is seeking out the ideal position…and every employer has to create that role in order to compete.   However, this concept has its limits. The “dream job” ideal might sound good in the abstract. But, in practice, the notion proves too narrow. To attract the best talent, […]

How to Test Your Candidates Critical Thinking Abilities

Outside of unbearably dangerous jobs and some science-fiction scenarios, you don’t want your company staffed completely by robots. You want a team of breathing, feeling humans…people ready to use their experience and innovation to solve your stickiest business problems.  In other words, algorithms will only get you so far. You also need original, outside-the-box solutions as well. That means […]