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Firm Offers Complimentary 3D Technology To Job-Seekers

Firm Offers Complimentary 3D Technology To Job-Seekers

Upstart recruiting agency offers candidates no-charge video production services in addition to matching them with their next employer.

Toronto, Canada – If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video may be priceless; especially if you are a job-seeker eager to find your next employer.

In today’s competitive job market, candidates are trying to stand-out from the competition and a powerful video-resume is a great way to ensure that they are remembered. Unfortunately, the majority of people do not have the technical proficiency or presentation skills to successfully write, produce, direct and star in a 3-dimensional summarized version of their professional life. In an attempt to cash-in on this recent market shift, most major cities in North America have seen a recent proliferation of companies offering video-resume production services at a huge cost to the job seeker.

Candidates may spend from $300 to $2,500+ in an attempt to produce that Oscar-worthy video clip. The final production usually ranges from 2 to 5 minutes in length and can be played on free video-hosting websites like Youtube or DailyMotion. However, since there are over 1 million video resumes on these sites, one cannot expect prospective employers to sift through trying to find that needle in a haystack.

Traditional resumes allow hiring managers the opportunity to review a candidate’s past job history and qualifications, however, employers will most certainly want to assess an applicant’s soft skills and personality before making that critical hiring decision. This is why video-resumes are gaining popularity throughout North America. Hiring managers appreciate the ability to use video technology to see and hear an assortment of candidates before deciding to spend hours meeting potential candidates in person, saving both time and money.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and an innovative company has developed a process to assist employers and candidates by hastening the hiring process while not taxing job-seekers with the burden of paying thousands of dollars for a 2 minute video-clip.

Recruiting in Motion (https://recruitinginmotion.com) , founded in Toronto, Canada, with 5 offices across the country, has built its reputation on producing complimentary video-clips of the candidates they represent. Their staff is comprised of highly skilled recruiters specializing in placing job-seekers and making that perfect match. In addition, Recruiting in Motion trains them to produce the short video-clips that will assist candidates in landing their next job putting them a step above the crowd.

Sean Kogan, one of the company’s founders with over fifteen years of recruiting industry experience, said that “We have developed technology to incorporate these videos into individualized web-pages that include a one to three minute video clip, as well as a candidate’s professional profile and their resume; it is called our Visual Advantage System. Our clients realize the value in seeing the resumes come to life and since they can see the candidate before selecting them for an interview, it greatly reduces the time spent throughout the hiring process”. He also added that Recruiting in Motion absorbs the added cost and does not pass it on to their clients, indicating “our goal is to provide a premium service at a very competitive fee”.

Kogan indicates that this process works equally well for candidates hoping to be placed in temporary/contract or permanent roles. His firm has separate divisions specializing in each of these areas. His company has never charged a candidate for any of their services; whether it be resume advice, technical skills assessments, professional interview training or, of course, video-clip preparation and coaching.

When asked why other firms have not adopted a similar approach, Kogan stated that “the video process adds a separate layer of complexity to our internal interview process and increases the time that our recruiters spend with each of our candidates. Other firms may not want to retrain their staff and add a new process to their system, but we feel that the added service that we provide to our clients and candidates is well worth it.”

The only question for candidates is “are you ready for your close-up?”

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