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Turn your Job Search into a Winter Wonderland!

It can be tough keeping up with your job search during the winter. What’s most important is understanding why hiring slows down in the colder months, and how you can win that dream role regardless how chilly it is outside.

winter job search
Searching for work during the winter months can be tough, but here’s some tips to warm you up!

Winter brings its own challenges, and not just digging your car out of the driveway. Many job-seekers find themselves in the midst of a job search as the winter weather rolls around, and almost as many are frustrated with the lack of attention they seem to receive from employers.

Worry not! Recruiting In Motion is here to give you a few tips and tricks that you can focus on while you’re job hunting this winter season.

It’s not personal.

As job-seekers gain job hunting experience, they may adopt a more laid back attitude when searching for work.  Obviously, not every company you submit your resume to will give you a response. However, you may find yourself growing a little concerned if very few of the companies you’ve applied to are responding. If this happens you may want to take the opportunity to update your resume to ensure that it represents your profile accurately. Otherwise, don’t take it to heart!

As we get closer to the end of the year, HR departments are busy determining bonuses, taking care of any last minute benefits claims, and negotiating raises.  However, active recruiting may be placed on the back burner until the New Year.

So, what’s your best strategy?  Be patient!  Things typically slow down even further around the holidays, so it will be worth your while to put your feet up and relax a bit until the New Year rolls around. Typically, once the New Year rolls around, the outlook is significantly better.

Don’t give up!

If you’ve made an effort to apply to a company that you are truly interested in but you have not yet received a response, don’t let it lower your confidence in your job search. Develop a daily or weekly goal for positions to apply to, and strive to reach them. Keep a log of the jobs you apply to, and if they’re still open in the New Year, apply again. After the holidays, people often come back to work with a fresh set of eyes, so it might be worth taking the time to resend your resume. Additionally, you’re putting yourself back on top of the stack, in the event that your resume was overlooked in the first place.

Exercise your networking skills

With people spending more time indoors during the holidays, it may be a good time to jump online and reconnect with past professional contacts via LinkedIn and Facebook. Keeping the lines of communication open is always a good idea, and the holidays are a time when people tend to be a little warmer and more receptive.

LinkedIn is also a great place to check out for job postings, and to connect with recruiters about their timelines for hiring. Sending a message or an email is not as intrusive as a phone call, and can allow hiring managers and recruiters to go on with their work, while still providing you with valuable answers to put your mind at ease.

Don’t be afraid to set your goals high and make sure employers take you seriously

Sometimes it can be difficult to reach out and ask questions when people are so busy around the end of the year. Be sure to remain patient, but don’t be afraid to follow-up politely on leads, make calls, send emails, and keep in touch with the companies you’ve applied to who have expressed interest. As previously indicated, the end of the year can be a really busy time for recruiters, Human Resource professionals  and hiring managers, but they also don’t want to overlook great candidates.

It can be helpful and courteous to send a “Seasons Greetings” email to those individuals to whom you’ve emailed your resume. It’s a fun reminder that you are still available and provides a reason to extend some holiday cheer as well.

Have you ever spent time searching for a new job over the holidays? What are some tips and tricks you’ve picked up over your years of experience? Join us on our LinkedIn page by clicking HERE, and share your experiences with us!

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