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Looking For A Candidate Who Stands Out Against the Competition?

Recruiting in Motion can show you how it’s done! The perfect candidate is waiting!

searching for the perfect candidate

You’ve got a role to fill. Just the other day, your boss pulled you into a meeting and explained that a very crucial position just opened up within the company and you need to find the perfect candidate. And the fit is critical: they need to have strong technical qualifications, but the right personality and work ethic. Maybe it’s a job with a wide variety of technical skills, or maybe they just need to fit perfectly into the corporate culture – but either way, posting a job description and striking gold in this situation poses the unique challenge of gleaning an applicant’s personality from their resume alone.

There are some people out there breaking the mould with design enhanced, eye-catching resumes, or even by amping up their social media to make sure their profiles depict them professionally while demonstrating enough personality to stand out to potential employers.

Recently, we watched a TED talk, about why the perfect candidate might not have the perfect resume. It got us thinking about how elusive a great hire is, and about what we can do to better your odds at finding them.

At Recruiting In Motion, we call it the Visual Advantage System, a three-tiered approach to ensure that you get the best quality candidates who have been pre-qualified for open roles. Our team of dedicated staffing specialists strive to understand the technical needs of your company, along with your corporate culture, to take all the guess work out of recruiting.

We believe that a candidate’s resume, our conclusions based on an in-depth interview, and a short video which displays the personality, fit, and style of the interviewed candidate are the best and most efficient tools for you to acquire the best employee for your role.

Our staff has spent years dedicated to providing quality service, and our processes ensure that we’re selecting only the best and most skilled candidates. We take the hassle out of the selection process, bringing you a pool of candidates who are interview ready and equipped to meet all the requirements of your open position.

Providing our customers with the best candidates is a four step process:

Candidates meet with our staffing specialists for an in-depth interview where we speak about all the requirements of the role, and how their experience, soft skills, and technical skills will lend themselves to your company.

We organize this information into an easy-to-understand standardized profile, which will provide you with all the information you need to see if their skills, fit and experience are a match to the job criteria.

We videotape a portion of this interview, and ask four questions, assuring the candidate the opportunity to speak to their own strengths, expectations, goals, style and personality.

Finally, all of this information is compiled neatly into an online profile that is provided to you for your convenience so that you can screen the candidate and decide on which are the best fit, and to schedule an interview.

Here’s an example of one of our videos featuring Sofia, an applicant with a real passion for her work and who was excited about her future opportunities. 

We want to take steps to give you an understanding of candidates beyond their resume, and we’re using technology to bring you to the forefront of the selection and hiring process.

At Recruiting In Motion, we feel great knowing that we’re extending the candidate the opportunity to shine through the competition, and offering our customers a streamlined and dedicated hiring process. Whether you’re sending out resumes, or receiving them, we’re positive that we can make the difference in empowering your success.

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