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Recruiting in Motion Helping Students in KW

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In our last blog post, we shared our top tips for hiring new graduates. Helping to shape the next generation of new graduates, our Recruiting in Motion – Kitchener Waterloo office has established a co-op placement program for high school students.

Leslie Heathers, Director, Placement Services at Recruiting in Motion – Kitchener Waterloo started the co-op program to expand the office’s connection to the local community and assist students who are particularly interested in finance and accounting

“I wanted them to see all the different sides of recruiting,” Leslie said, identifying that these great students really get involved in the day-to-day administrative functions at Recruiting in Motion – Kitchener Waterloo.

She also mentioned that the girls are incredibly involved in data entry and as a result, they get really excited about hearing when RIM – KW assists candidates with being hired.

Tahira Naz, Aysha Patel and Carleigh Chambers are all top students with strong business dreams in their future. They joined the Recruiting in Motion team to get their first experience in the industry.

“I was interested in the placement with Recruiting in Motion because I knew that it would be a great place to increase my knowledge on all of the different industries out there,” Tahira said.

“They place candidates in many different business positions and I thought that being able to discover many different positions in the business industry would give me an amazing look at where I could go in the future,” Carleigh shared.

The girls have been able to perform a variety of tasks with Recruiting in Motion, including the use of their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System.

“I think the significant highlight for me was actually getting to be a part of some of the internal meetings…it was very interesting getting to understand the maturity of how these meetings work and actually getting to engage in one,” Aysha highlighted.

Tahira, Aysha and Carleigh have established ambitious and admirable career paths for their futures.

Tahira and Carleigh both want to pursue a career in accounting. Tahira wants to attend the University of Waterloo’s Accounting & Finance Management program on her way to achieving a Masters in accounting and being CPA certified. Carleigh is now looking into a variety of accounting programs and certifications.

Aysha’s experience with Recruiting in Motion further confirmed her aspiration of moving into an HR and recruiting career in the future

“Recruiting in Motion has given me amazing experience working in a business position, Carleigh said. “I would recommend anyone looking to work in an office position in the future to take co-op and work with Recruiting in Motion. It has been an amazing experience.”

“I would personally describe my time being at Recruiting in Motion as remarkable,” Aysha shared. “I have learned so much from the small group of employees they have at this KW office and they treat us as if we are one of them, which makes doing the placement there so much more enjoyable and remarkable.”

“My time with Recruiting in Motion has been amazing,” Tahira said. “Also, the way everyone works as a team is very motivating because there is always someone that has your back.”

Recruiting in Motion – Kitchener Waterloo already has a new group of co-op students lined up for the fall and will continue to provide co-op placements moving forward.

Feel free to contact Recruiting in Motion – Kitchener Waterloo for more information.

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