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Do’s and Don’ts of Job Searching

Do's and Don'ts of Job Searching

We know job searching can be tough and incredibly frustrating but as experts in the field, we want to share some advice to make the process a bit easier. Here is our curated list of Do’s and Don’ts for job searching:

DO take the time to think about what you’re looking for in your next job. What are your nonnegotiable requirements? What does your ideal role look like? What key companies do you want to look into?

DON’T start job searching without a plan. You need know what you want to do, the skills and experience you have, and know about your desired industry before you start developing your resume and applying for jobs.

DO tailor your resume and adapt the style to each job you’re applying for.

DON’T send off the same generic resume to hundreds of job postings online. You want to make sure you present yourself as a good fit for the role and the company.

DO supplement your job searching with offline networking in your desired industry.

DON’T try to make quick connections with people and expect them to help navigate your job search. You want to make meaning connections with people that you can get advice and guidance from, and hopefully a great reference.

DO keep your social media presence up to date and aligned with the professional brand you want to put forward in your job search.

DON’T over share on social media, putting forward a picture of yourself that won’t be favourable to your potential employer. Don’t give anyone a reason to not hire you because of your social media presence.

DO use the Internet to your advantage. Set up job alerts, use job searching sites and social media to see what jobs are out there.

DON’T apply for every job you see. There are tons and tons of job postings online and you can’t apply to them all. Take the time to narrow down your search based on your skills and desired position.

DO ensure that your skill set qualifications appropriately match the minimum requirements of the job posting.

DON’T think that not following outlined instructions will make you stand out. Hiring managers need to sift through a lot of resumes and portfolios, and can often set applicants aside if they don’t follow requested formats and requirements for applicants.

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