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Strategic Job Searching & Hiring

Whether you’re looking for a job or looking to hire new employees, you should start by developing an effective strategy. Here are some tips for developing job searching and hiring plans:

Job Search:

1. Be selective

No matter how quickly you want to find a job, sending your resume in for every job posting you find online is not the best approach. Take the time to research each company and evaluate the job description compared to your experience, skills and career objectives. Ask yourself if the role and the company truly align with your career goals. This thorough evaluation will also help you customize your resume to fit each individual job you’re applying for.

2.Think about your personal brand

Make a list of your key skills, main accomplishments and interests. These are the primary items that you want to shine through on your resume but also on your online profiles. Make sure you are presenting yourself in a professional manner and demonstrate why you could be a great candidate for your ideal position.

3.Be proactive

Applying for jobs posted online for the general public can be a great starting point, however you should also consider the hidden job market. Put yourself out there and network with relevant industry contacts to seek out any possible job opportunities with companies that align with your career goals. Stay one step ahead of other potential candidates by seeking out opportunities before they’re shared online.


1. Think about what you need

Determine what goals you want your new employees to accomplish – what do you need them to do? Establishing your requirements is essential to an effective hiring process. Don’t forget to think about the team they will work with to determine the characteristics that would make a good personal fit.

2. Establish your hiring plan

Bring all relevant managers and employees together to discuss hiring new employees; this should include applicable budgets, ideal headcounts, performance goals and timelines. The more you discuss and plan with relevant departments at the outset, the easier it will be to move forward through all stages of your hiring process.

3. Think about bringing your plan to a recruiter

Working with a recruiter can help get your plan in motion in an effective and efficient manner. These are experts in the field who can assist with presenting you ideal candidates, sifting through resumes and narrowing down the pool of potential employees. You’ve done the preparation, now you can bring in an expert to execute your strategic plan. When seeking out a recruiter, make sure you are working with a reputable company with significant experience and a good reputation in your industry.

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