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Big Company vs. Small Company: What’s the best fit?

Different company’s work for different people; some people perform better in an organization with fewer employees and a small office, while others prefer to work in large organizations with more employees and more structure. Many employees work for companies of various sizes throughout their career, however it’s important to figure out the type of workplace in which you excel. Here are some things to keep in mind when analyzing the size of organization that is the best fit for you:

1. Work assignments

In smaller companies, it is more likely that you will get involved in different projects, possibly across different departments, because of the limited staff size. Bigger organizations generally have more developed and concrete processes, and more detailed workflows, that can restrict the variety of assignment for each employee. The opportunity to work on different projects can be beneficial if you’re starting your career or if you’re interested in working on a variety of different tasks, while a larger company can be more desirable if you have a clear and specific career goal you want to stick to.


Generally speaking, larger companies tend to have more stability and more opportunities to grow within the company. They can also often more competitive salaries and more comprehensive benefits packages. These larger organizations also tend to have larger HR and/or legal departments, should you require them throughout your time with the company.


In smaller companies, since there are fewer employees, your strengths and unique skills will be more visible to your colleagues and managers. This can be a great way for you to showcase your importance within the company, which can potentially assist with promotions and advancement in the organization. Alternatively, this visibility within smaller companies can also highlight your weaknesses and may make any struggles you are having at work more apparent. If this is the case, a larger company may provide a more suitable work environment for you.

Focusing on the size of company that is the best fit for you is a good strategy when you’re job searching as well. It will help you streamline your search. Think about the environment that works best for your personal needs and work style, and target those companies that will be able to provide you with the most satisfactory workplace.

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