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Gain a Competitive Advantage in Hiring

What’s the lesson of 2020? Store plenty of toilet paper and hand sanitizer, obviously. But what else? In terms of hiring, 2020 has taught us that it’s important to stay on the cutting edge to gain a competitive advantage. 

Having a leg up in the tech game becomes a key asset in troubled times. It allows you to keep rolling when most of your competition is running scared. More than just maintaining your position in the face of extreme circumstances, you can actually thrive when you have the right system in place. 

That’s what you get from Recruiting In Motion’s Visual Advantage System.  

The Visual Advantage System Provides a Hiring Edge

Since 2009, Recruiting In Motion has brought a unique vision to the hiring process. We devised the program because we wanted to find a more precise way to find the perfect person for any position. That innovation led us to develop the Visual Advantage System.  

This unique process combines traditional recruiting techniques with cutting-edge hiring tools. We take an in-depth candidate interview and fill it out with additional data collection. Specifically, we add video capture technology and secure web-based profiles to upgrade the process. 

The end result is a more effective, more efficient hiring system. Here are some of the competitive benefits you gain from using Recruiting In Motion’s Visual Advantage System: 

Keep Up with the Times

Video interviews have become the new normal. This is especially true in the wake of the COVID outbreak, but the pandemic only accelerated a long-standing trend in the industry. The Visual Advantage System puts you at the vanguard of that process. You don’t just keep up with the times…you help set the pace. 

Find Talent Easier

You can lose great talent in a mound of paperworkResumes, applications, cover letters, work samples – it’s hard for a truly amazing candidate to make a mark. The Visual Advantage System allows the top applicants to rise to the surface. The video-capture technology and the secure web-based profiles allow you to locate the ideal professional for your team. 

Fill Positions Faster (And with Less Expense)

Not only do you find better hires with the Visual Advantage System. You also find them faster. Our tech-heavy approach ensures that everything happens in an efficient way. You can cut your time-to-hire dramatically by using the system.  

This, in turn, allows you to save money. The process is cheaper than an in-house candidate search. Meanwhile, the better results allow you to save resources on onboarding and training. 

Longer-Term Support

Speaking of those post-hire concerns…The Visual Advantage System isn’t just the best method for running a recruiting process. It has longer-term benefits as well.  

For instance, leveraging the same tools, we can provide a remote onboarding system as well. This sets you up for further success during difficult times (like a pandemic), expands the geographic area where you can find your perfect candidate, and provides a cost-effective way to ramp up new employees. 

Ready to take advantage of next-level recruiting techniques?

Contact Recruiting In Motion to learn more about the Visual Advantage System. At the same time, check out our eBook detailing the future of the staffing industry. It will help you prepare for the continued evolution of recruiting. 

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