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Experience a Better Way to Hire With Recruiting In Motion

You have an immediate need for a high-skill team member. A typical hiring process will take weeks…and you still might not find a person with the perfect mix of talent and background. What can you do? 

With Recruiting in Motion, you experience a better way to hire. You can locate the perfect professional for any situation. Whether you need a permanent employee, a contract worker, or a temp to fill in for a short-term assignment, we can find the right person for you. 

Finding the Perfect Fit

We specialize in a number of hard-to-fill niches. If you need a highly trained professional to step right into the action, then our Visual Advantage System represents the perfect choice. Whether you have a local operation or a nationwide footprint, we can find the perfect candidate for you. 

Here are some of the key talent groups that we cover: 

    • Accounting 
    • Finance 
    • Tax 
    • Marketing/Creative 
    • Sales 
    • Legal 
    • IT 
    • HR 
    • Admin 
    • Operations 

Finding appropriate candidates in these highly specialized skills can present significant challenges. Recruiting In Motion has a system in place to optimize the process. That means we can find the perfect match for your needs. 

The Visual Advantage System

How does Recruiting In Motion take the hiring process to the next level? By using the advanced Visual Advantage System. This combines traditional in-depth candidate interviews with cutting-edge technological enhancements. This includes video capture technology and secure web-based profiles. 

Here are some of the specific advantages you receive: 

Simplify the Hiring Process

Recruiting In Motion can help make hiring easier. Skip the complicated self-managed recruiting process, which can sidetrack multiple levels of management. Instead, turn hiring into a single step: contact Recruiting In Motion and let us do the work. 

Find the Right Candidates Quickly

A typical hiring process can take weeks, even months. In many cases, Recruiting In Motion can have the ideal candidate ready for you immediately. Your new team member can start contributing right away and you can stay on track with your essential operations, without taking time out for a lengthy candidate search. 

Lower Recruiting Costs

By streamlining the hiring process, Recruiting In Motion can significantly cut costs. Don’t dedicate multiple team members to the painstaking slog of finding and vetting viable candidates. Rather, let Recruiting In Motion do the work for you. Not only is it cheaper than running a recruitment cycle on your own, but our advanced techniques provide a less expensive process than conventional employment agencies. 

Partner With a Top Recruiting Firm

Ready to learn more about the benefits of Recruiting In Motion’s advanced process? Contact us today to find out more. In the meantime, check out our eBook about the future of recruiting. It will help you prepare for the evolution of team building. 

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