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You’re Losing Your Best Workers – Why?

Turnover is inevitable. But long-term team building requires that you keep your top performers while continuously upgrading the talent around them. If you keep losing your best workers, this isn’t possible. You get stuck in a constant cycle of hiring, training, and departure. 

How do you keep this from happening? Retaining top-tier talent requires some self-reflection. If you’re losing your best workers, you need to take a hard look at your organization and ask yourself, “why?”  

The answer can be surprising. As Forbes points out, there’s a wide disparity between what managers assume their employees want and what workers actually desire. Forbes quotes a statistic showing that nearly nine out of 10 managers (89%) feel that employees quit because of a lack of money. Ask workers the same question? About one out of 10 (12%) cite financial considerations. That’s a yawning gap in communication. 

Clearly, workers have other factors in mind when they seek out new opportunities. Money isn’t everything. But what are these concerns? Here are the top non-monetary reasons you might be losing your best workers. 

No Advancement Opportunities  

Is your company a career treadmill? Do workers stay at the same level their entire careers? That’s a problem for top-tier talent.  

You have to expect your best employees to have ambitions. They want to advance in their careers, meaning you need to give them that chance, or they will look elsewhere 

To keep them, make sure you have a clear path of advancement. At the same time, emphasize your desire to promote from within. This will give them something to strive for and a reason to stay with your organization. 

Lack of Flexibility

Even the most dedicated employees have other responsibilities. They have spouses, children, parents, friends. In other words, you can’t expect your workers to live at the office.  

Your team members need to find the proper work/life balance. Allowing flexible scheduling options makes this possible. Your most dynamic employees can dig in for the long-haul because they know your company can accommodate any life changes that will come along. 

Management Mismatch

Different workers thrive under different management structures. You might have a typical method you use to extract the highest level of productivity from your staff. However, those techniques might not work with highly creative or highly motivated individuals. You need to tailor your approach to match your top talent. 

Cultural Issues

People want to feel like their contributions matter. They don’t just want to boost the bottom line at a company. They want to make a social contribution as well. That’s where culture comes in. Ideally, you want your employees to feel invested in success in more than a monetary way. This gives you another way to motivate them and provides an incentive to stick out tough times. 

Burn Out

Your top workers will do almost anything to succeed. That’s what makes them your best of the best. However, let them get too aggressive in their attempts to impress, and they could pay a long-term price.  

Watch out for burn out. Encourage high-energy employees to take occasional days off. Promoting a healthy work/life balance will let you keep employees over the long term. 

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