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Searching for a Candidate Doesn’t Have to be Like Online Dating

With sites like Indeed and Glassdoor, the job-search process has largely gone online. This has its benefits, but it also comes with a downside. This digitizing makes the recruiting process resemble that other desperate internet-based human-matching activity: online dating. 

The parallels are hard to miss. As an employer, you’re looking for someone who has the traits you desire. You might be looking for something short-term and casual. Or maybe you’re hunting for a long-term match.  

Either way, you want to efficiently scroll through profiles to find the most enticing possibilities. From there, you can set up further conversations or schedule in-person interactions. 

Still, let’s not take the metaphor too far. The central vibe of online dating doesn’t translate well to the hiring process. Get too caught up in that mood, and you could undermine your recruiting efforts. 

Don’t Treat Recruiting Like Online Dating

Like we said, online dating and online recruiting have a lot in common. Still, an online dating approach to recruiting will likely leave you disappointed. (Online dating itself will likely leave you disappointed, but that’s a subject for a different blog post.) 

When you first sign up for a dating app, the world seems full of possible matches. Pictures and profiles whiz by, as you browse, message, and flirt. No need to settle on anyone. The next potential match is just a swipe away. 

Use that strategy in the recruiting world, and you’re likely to miss out on a great candidate. A more methodical approach is called for.  

You don’t want to shuffle through candidates looking for what’s next and what’s new. Instead, you want to identify excellent candidates and investigate whether they can add value to your organization. 

Traits of Great Job Candidate

Unlike your approach to Tinder or Bumble, don’t continue to jump around once you’ve found a potential match. Rather, take a closer look to find out if they will work in the role you need. 

This involves understanding the traits that make a great candidate. With a dating app, you can use gut feeling and attraction to guide your course. In the recruiting world, you’re looking for something more substantial. 

  • As a result, keep an eye out for these key traits:  
  • Quick Learner 
  • Curious 
  • Strong Work Ethic 
  • Excellent Communication Skills 
  • Good Problem Solver  

Of course, you need to start with someone who fills the minimum qualifications for the job. But once those are met, you should seek out signs of these more general qualities. 

How Do You Know When You Have the Right Candidate?

Once you’ve identified a possible hire, you want to make sure they fit your organization. In dating terms, you need to ask yourself: is this The One? 

Here are some steps you can take to answer this question: 

  • Make a Checklist: Going into your recruiting effort, know what you’re looking for. Make a checklist of skills and rank each candidate based on that rundown. 
  • Create a Practical Test: Find out if your candidate can do the job. Craft a practical test that will let you see how they perform in something close to real-life circumstances. 
  • Be Ready to Move Quickly: Once you find the right candidate, make your offer as soon as possible. Wait too long, and they could move on to other opportunities. (Maybe this part really is like online dating.) 

No, you don’t want to take a dating attitude into your recruiting efforts. But you still might benefit from a little matchmaking. By teaming with a strong staffing agency, like Recruiting In Motion, you can find the candidates you need to fill your open positions. 

Contact Recruiting In Motion today to advance your team-building efforts.

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