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Successful People Want to See Others Succeed

You strive for success every day. But what does that mean? Does it mean that you achieve your goals at the expense of everyone else? Or does it mean that you contribute to a larger success, helping others accomplish their objectives as well? 

Ultimately, you’ll reach higher levels of fulfillment if you use the second strategy. It might seem like dominating those around you and scoring a victory in every encounter defines a winner. But that’s a short-sighted view. Rather, you’ll get more done if you live by the adage, “successful people want to see others succeed.” 

The Need for Teamwork

Even in the short term, it’s extremely difficult to complete tasks without help. A study conducted by Salesforce found that nearly nine out of 10 executives (86%) pinpointed a lack of collaboration due to projects failing. 

The need for strong teamwork within an organization is almost universally recognized. That same Salesforce data also suggested the 97% of employees and executives thought that a breakdown within the team dynamic undermined the likelihood of success.  

The need for collaboration goes beyond these short-term targets, though. Don’t view the connection with your coworkers as a limited-time alliance. Instead, realize that you can push your career further by supporting everyone’s success. 

Do the Right Thing

There is an obvious moral argument here. You should help others succeed because it represents the right thing to do. Meanwhile, purposely undermining other people turns you into a bad person. 

The problem with that argument: you might not care. Being a good person might not rank high on your priority list. Business is business after all, right? 

Still, you don’t need the moral argument to get to the same conclusion. Helping others succeed becomes the better choice, even if you decide to become a self-avowed sociopath. It isn’t just the right thing to do. It’s also good business. 

The Zero-Sum Myth

Some situations are zero-sum experiences. In Monopoly or most other games, only one person can win. You have to beat all your opponents to achieve success. You either get all the property and all the cash, or you end up bankrupt. 

The real world doesn’t work like that. In most cases, collaboration expands the horizons of success. You can gain more personally by being part of an extremely successful team, rather than chasing selfish goals as a solo act.  

Which makes the better dessert: a generous piece of a large sheet cake or 100% of a tiny brownie? 

Expanding the Definition of Success

You can get more done with others than you can on your own. That’s why companies exist in the first place. A group of people working towards a common goal can achieve more than any one of them can accomplish on their own. 

By supporting those around you, you open up your own long-term prospects. You build relationships with those around you. These connections will help drive your future advancement, becoming important strands in your network. 

Avoiding Barriers

Creating enemies comes at a cost. You might beat them at one particular moment – steal their sale, best them for a promotion, or take credit for their idea. But you don’t know what leverage they may have in the future. 

If you’re going to conduct a cut-throat business style, you always have to remain vigilant. All the competitors you embarrass along the way will be plotting to get you.  

As a result, you can’t relax or count on the motives of others. Not only does this create a toxic working environment, but it can also cause unnecessary stress. You’re better off providing help when you can. It will let you sleep better at night. 

Reaching your goals means joining a stellar team. A strong recruiting partner, like Recruiting In Motion, can make that happen. You’ll find the perfect organization to drive your career forward. 

Contact Recruiting In Motion today to learn more. 

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