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Would Your Company Have a Seat at the “Cool Kids” Table?

Remember the “cool kids” table in junior high? The people there reached the peak of tween perfection. They showed you how to dress, how to act, and how to talk.  

Well, corporations have a “cool kids” table too. It consists of the firms with the most innovative benefits and employee retention strategies. As a result, they can attract the best talent and keep those innovative employees generating ideas for the long haul. 

Emulating the cool kids in junior high is probably a mistake. You probably regret how obsessed you were with them. Years later, it’s embarrassing to realize that your seventh-grade musical taste was based on a t-shirt you saw across a cafeteria.  

However, the corporate version represents a different story. By following the corporate cool kids, you can learn the best way to entice and retain top talent. You’ll end up with a stronger team, better productivity, lower turnover, and foster long-term growth. 

Innovative Ways to Attract and Retain Talent that Can Work for You

A few common themes become clear when you look at the novel strategies that forward-thinking companies use to draw talent. Reviewing these becomes useful in building your own benefit packages. 

You might not have the resources to match a Google or an Apple in terms of their offerings. But you can come up with programs that target the same underlying employee needs. These can boost your employer brand, letting you upgrade your incoming talent at a relatively low cost. 

These non-traditional strategies recognize a changing labor force. There are signs that Millennials prefer better benefits over a higher salary, and that all younger workers lean more toward perks rather than cash. 

With that in mind, here are some of the dominant themes that corporate cool kids are targeting as they compete for the best workers: 

  • generous family leave  
  • charity matching/credit for volunteer work 
  • education benefits 
  • enhanced health benefits, like gym memberships and wellness reimbursements 
  • unlimited PTO/extended sabbatical programs 

Meet the Corporate Cool Kids 

Time to get specific. Here are a few well-known companies that offer exciting benefits meant to attract the top available talent. 

Salesforce: The maker of CRM software has a robust program to support its employees’ charitable offerings. Workers can receive seven days of paid time off for volunteer work, as well as company funds that can be put toward charitable nonprofits. 

Netflix: The streaming giant offers charity matching and unlimited paid time off. In addition, the firm provides for up to one year of paid leave for new parents. 

Adobe: The design and document software maker gives excellent support to education. This includes reimbursement of $10,000 per year for educational expenses. 

Ready to find the most innovative team members? It helps to team with a top staffing agency, like Recruiting In Motion. You’ll become one of the “cool kids” in your industry in no time. 

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