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If You Are Seeing this Article, It’s a Sign to Get a New Job

Thinking about a new job? Well, you clicked on this headline, didn’t you? Obviously, you’ve started to consider a career change. 

Don’t feel bad about wanting to drop your current employer. There are plenty of reasons to desire a career shift. Changes in your personal life, a craving for a new challenge, or new dynamics in the overall job market can all encourage a roving eye. 

For instance, just look at the dynamics that will control the post-COVID world. The end of the pandemic is hopefully insight. The loosening of COVID restrictions will fuel a surge in the economy, a fact that has many workers looking for their next move.  

One study showed that about one in four (26%) American workers planned to seek out a new job once COVID has passed. That could lead to a massive turnover. 

The point is: you shouldn’t miss your chance to improve your career. If you’re starting to consider a new position, it’s best to prepare for a possible move. Then, you’ll be ready to grab any opportunities that come up. 

Signs You’re Ready to Make the Leap

Still, it can be hard to know when to make your move. It’s important to consider your financial situation, your family situation, and the details of the individual positions you are considering. 

That said, there are some general signs you can use to judge how engaged you remain at your current position: 

You Don’t Care Anymore

Have you lost your passion for your job? If you’re basically sleepwalking through your day, it might be time to consider a change of scenery. 

Your Performance Slips

Sometimes you can maintain your performance, even if you don’t feel engaged in your work. Other times, you just can’t fake it. Waning production signals that you have reached a breaking point. 

This can present serious long-term problems. In the short term, it can impact your job, possibly threatening your current position. Beyond that, though, an unimpressive performance can also hurt your ability to seek out a new employer.  

Best to fix the problem as soon as you notice it, rather than let the situation fester. 

Your Workplace Feels Toxic 

Not every day at work can pass in unalloyed joy. You’ll face your share of disputes and frustration. But, in general, your workplace should represent a healthy, energizing environment. If conditions have soured, you should start looking at other options. 

Work Starts Negatively Impacting Your Home Life

Work/life balance represents a key goal, even for career-minded go-getters. Make sure your current job lets you achieve happiness in your personal life as well. If you start taking out your work frustrations at home, you might want to start polishing your resume. 

Benefits of a New Job

Jumping to a new position can stir feelings of anxiety, even dread. But don’t let fear drive your career decisions. The prospect of a new job should inspire excitement as well. 

Moving to a new position can lead to significant benefits. These range from psychological to financial benefits. Here are a few to keep in mind: 

Fresh Start

Even if you liked your old job, a new environment could give your career a jolt. Just breaking out of your comfort zone can give you the added incentive you need to move to the next level. 

New Challenges

Any stretch of time in the same position can get stagnant. You need new challenges, both to drive your career development and to achieve personal satisfaction. Jumping to a new position can help you find those fresh chances to expand your horizons. 

Enhanced Professional Network

Long-term professional advancement relies on a strong network. If you see the same people every day for years on end, it’s not possible to make the connections you need. A new job will change that by putting you in contact with a new batch of potential contacts. 

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