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Not Getting the Salary You Deserve? Here’s Why You Should Jump Ship ASAP

You probably don’t think of your time as a commodity, bought and sold on a market. However, that’s basically what holding a job involves. With that in mind, are you getting everything you deserve? Or is it time to jump ship and find a better salary somewhere else? 

Those questions come down to market dynamics: supply and demand. You need to know what you’re worth and find a way to get the highest compensation possible. If it’s not with your current employer, you’ll need to turn to another company. 

Don’t feel bad about considering other options. It’s part of the process of career development. This has become especially true in the post-pandemic world. 

According to government data, millions of Americans have been quitting their jobs each month as the economy reopens after COVID. This allows them to take advantage of a worker-friendly market and get the highest salary they can. 

Here are some signs it might be time for you to take similar steps. Look for these signals that it’s time to jump ship from your current employer ASAP: 

You’re Underpaid, and You’ve Been Turned Down for a Raise 

How do you know if you’re getting fairly compensated? Before you start complaining about your paycheck, conduct research into your position and your industry. This will give you the ammunition you need to make a good decision about your future. 

Being underpaid shouldn’t spark an immediate departure. Sometimes, you have to start at the bottom and work your way through the system. If you aren’t receiving the compensation you deserve, your next employee review might fix the situation. 

However, that doesn’t mean you should wait forever. If you’ve talked to your supervisors about your compensation and things haven’t changed yet, it might be time to consider other options. 

There Are No Advancement Opportunities 

Maybe you can’t get paid more for your current job. That issue doesn’t matter if you can advance to the next rung of the corporate ladder. As long as you can keep your overall career moving, you still have a way to achieve a better paycheck. 

But do you have those chances at your current employer? It’s crucial to know your path to a better position. Without those opportunities, you might not have a choice but to seek out a fresh outlet for your talents. 

You’ve Stopped Learning 

Salary shouldn’t be the only benchmark of career advancement. Of course, your earning potential will expand as you move through your career. But, often, this is the consequence of other progressions. You gain new skills first, then leverage those for more money. 

Your current employer might not provide the highest pay. But if you have access to new experiences and prospects to enhance your skills, it could still represent an excellent contributor to your long-term career advancement. 

Lacking these changes, you’re likely to stagnate. Watch for opportunities to learn and grow. If you can’t find these at your current employer, you should seek them out somewhere else. 

Your Work/Life Balance Is Suffering 

Again, money isn’t everything. There are other reasons to stick with a job, even if you feel underpaid. Perks like a flexible schedule or robust benefits can make up for a skimpy salary. 

However, the opposite of this principle is also true. In the absence of these benefits, your lack of pay becomes even more problematic. 

Take stock of your work/life balance. Are you working long hours? Missing out on other parts of life? Constantly worried about health care and other stressors? Then it might be time for a change of scenery. 

Even something as simple as personality conflicts at your company can be the deciding factor. Without the cash to make up for it, why battle with a difficult boss or unpleasant coworkers? 

Ready to jump ship and find a new employer? Start by working with a top staffing agency, like Recruiting In Motion. You’ll find the ideal opportunity to increase your pay and jumpstart your career. 

Contact Recruiting In Motion today to get started. 

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