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What You Can Learn from Your Competition

You want to beat the competition. More than that, you absolutely want to steal every one of their customers and take every inch of market share they own. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from them in the process. 

After all, one of the best ways to bury your competitors is to discover what works for them and improve on it. Along with your own differentiating value, this will let you become the leader in your industry. 

This counts for recruiting as much as it does for products and services. You need the best employees to distinguish yourself. As such, make sure you don’t lose your top prospects to the competition. 

With that in mind, here are some key questions to ask yourself as you look to learn what you can from the competition: 

How can you punch up your job postings? 

In terms of recruiting, a job post represents the front door for many candidates. This is how you get them excited about a position and drive them to apply for the job. Are you doing enough to stand out? 

To find out, look at job posts uploaded by your competitors. What aspects of the role do they emphasize? What are the details of the position (compensation, benefits offered, etc.)? Checking out these details will let you optimize your own offerings. 

How can you upgrade your website? 

Once you’ve piqued a job seeker’s interest in an open position, you can expect them to begin researching your company. Your website provides the first resource they’ll turn to as part of this process. 

As such, you need to make your website as useful as possible. You need to include all the pertinent information necessary to communicate your culture and your mission to any prospective employee. 

You can improve your presentation by looking at what your competitors bring to the table. By looking at their websites, you’ll have models you can use to improve your own. 

Meanwhile, this process provides an easy way to discover general information about your competitors. You can see how they present themselves and how they look to attract both customers and employees.  

This way, you gain insights on two fronts:  

  1. Look at the way your competitor sells themselves online. You can learn some new tricks this way. 
  1. Dive into the message your competition is trying to deliver. How do they conceive of their culture? Why the idea of their company are they trying to present to the world? By answering these questions, you can find things to admire, as well as ways you can differentiate yourself. 

How can you improve your social media skills? 

A website represents the home base for any company’s communication process. However, it’s just the start. You should also look at the other aspects of your competitors’ online footprint. 

This will largely involve tracking their social media feeds. Like with a website, you’ll learn both communication techniques and details about how your competitors approach their organization.  

How can you manage your employer brand better? 

You study the competition’s consumer brands in minute detail. This scrutiny allows you to discover the best way to approach potential customers. Use these same techniques to unpack your rivals’ employer brands as well. 

To do this, turn to employer review sites, like Glassdoor. Read what former employees have to say about your competitors. This will give you an insight into their operations and how you can better present your company. 

Are you looking to beat the competition and attract the best candidates? Start by partnering with a top staffing agency, like Recruiting In Motion. You’ll get the expertise you need to take your team building to the next level. 

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