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5 Tips on How to Plan Your Work Week

5 Tips on How to Plan Your Work Week | Recruiting in Motion

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed at work that you’re ready to throw in the towel? The key to productivity is in the planning. Knowing what you will be tackling on the job every day can help you achieve more of your goals. What is the best strategy for planning your work week? Here are five tips that can get you started.  

Tips on How to Plan Your Work Week

Brain Dump 

Step one is to write down everything in your brain. Even if you think it won’t matter, write it down. Once you get everything out on paper, you can organize it, but you may forget some details if it stays in your head. Once you have everything written down for your workweek, determine which tasks you can target.  


After you determine your daily and weekly tasks, give yourself deadlines. Some deadlines could be as simple as “by the end of the day.” Others may be more specific such as what time it needs to be completed and submitted. Deadlines are a critical part of the weekly planning process, so you don’t simply kick the can down the road.  


Next, it’s essential to use a calendar system. Some people like to have desk calendars broken down into weekly tasks. Others prefer using online calendars such as Outlook or Google to schedule tasks and create deadlines right in the calendar itself.  

Set Reminders 

When you have tasks and deadlines, you need to remind yourself. When you use an online calendar system, you can schedule a reminder for each task. If you use a written calendar system, you may still want to create an alarm or regularly check your notes to make sure you’ve tackled all of the critical tasks for the day.  

Have Accountability  

The final piece of the puzzle is to have accountability. For most people, this is in the form of another person who can help keep you on track. You and your coworkers can be accountable to each other to ensure that everyone gets their tasks done on time. Or you can work with a mentor or trusted friend who can help motivate you.  

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