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Ghosted by Employers? Don’t Let It Get You Down

AppreciatioGhosted by Employers? Don't Let It Get You Downn is The Way to Go | Recruiting in Motion

Being ghosted has to be the worst feeling. You’re in contact one day, and without warning, you never hear from them again. It can happen in any relationship, including while interviewing with employers for new jobs. What happens if you get ghosted by a potential employer? Here’s how to keep moving forward and what to do after you don’t hear back.  

How to Keep Going After Being Ghosted by Employers

Assess the Situation 

Before you assume something, check the facts. It may be that you haven’t been ghosted at all, but it’s just too soon to have expected an answer. If you’re not that far along in the process or haven’t given it enough time, take a step back and wait. There’s another reason you may not have received any information. Always check your spam or junk to make sure nothing was caught there that shouldn’t have been.  

Look at the Bright Side 

If you were ghosted, it’s time to look at the bright side of the situation. If this employer doesn’t value your time enough to update you even if you didn’t get the job, are they a company you want to work with? Know that being ghosted isn’t always a reflection on you. The hiring manager or company could have inefficient follow-up policies, and you were the unfortunate victim.  

Don’t Ghost Employers 

The real lesson in all this isn’t about the employer’s behavior. If they have ghosted you, it’s time to let that go. But you should also note how the experience made you feel and pledge never to do that. Job seekers can also be guilty of ghosting. Some don’t show up to scheduled interviews, both in-person and virtually. Some never follow up when requested. Make an effort to consistently connect with a potential employer, even if you determine they aren’t a good fit.  

Keep Searching 

The adage, “don’t put your eggs in one basket,” fits here. Even when you’re super excited about an opportunity, you can’t hang all your hopes on it. Things happen that aren’t always in your control, and you need to keep your options open. Even if you’re ready to accept an offer, don’t stop looking for new jobs until an offer letter is in hand and you’ve signed an agreement.  

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