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Appreciation is The Way to Go

Appreciation is The Way to Go | Recruiting in Motion

Appreciation is a cornerstone of employee satisfaction. When management recognizes and shows gratitude to their team, more employees will feel engaged and excited about their work. How are you showing appreciation to your employees? Do you do enough? Here are some things to consider.  

Why Appreciation is The Way to Go

Acknowledge Accomplishments as They Happen 

Appreciation is sometimes all about timing. The moment may be lost when you wait to praise someone or say thank you. It’s a good idea to acknowledge accomplishments when they happen to ensure something doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.  

Write Thank You Notes 

Showing your appreciation in writing can be a great morale booster. Write thank-you notes to your employees and send them to their home addresses. Getting this note in the mail can make your team feel extraordinary and engaged.  

Show Public Gratitude 

When and where you can show your gratitude in a public way. Don’t just tell your employee thanks for a great job; take an opportunity to say it to the entire department or company. You can do this through the company intranet or communication channels or send out an email.  

Create Traditions and Celebrations 

Appreciation goes beyond gratitude and recognition. Create traditions and celebrations in your department that everyone can look forward to. Holidays are often an excellent way to start with this, but you can add special dates for your company or acknowledge employee anniversaries in a fun way.  

Provide Incentives 

It can also be helpful to provide incentives to demonstrate to your team that you appreciate their hard work. These can be rewards, bonuses, additional PTO days, or whatever fits your company culture.  

How can you show more appreciation to your employees?

Contact Recruiting in Motion to see how we can help you find great talent for your company.  

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