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Does Your GPA Matter When Job Searching? 

Does Your GPA Matter When Job Searching? | Recruiting in Motion If you’ve recently graduated from college, you’re probably interested in how the corporate world looks at your education. Is your grade point average significant? Do employers want to know your GPA, and will they hire based on that information? Let’s look at whether your GPA matters or not while you’re looking for your next job opportunity.  

How Important is Your GPA?

Does Your GPA Matter?  

The age-old question is, does your GPA matter at all? In many industries, it has no bearing. After graduation, your goal should be about gaining experience. GPA might make a difference in some roles, such as education and healthcare.

When Should You Include Your GPA?  

You should include your GPA if the industry standard requires it. You can also include it if you’ve recently graduated and your GPA is 3.5 or above. The purpose of a GPA on a resume is to show potential employers that you have the competency to excel in whatever you’re focusing your energy on.  

When Should You Leave it Off?  

Once you have a few years of work experience, it’s time to remove your GPA. It becomes far less relevant the longer it’s been since you graduated. You should also leave off your GPA if it’s below 3.5. The GPA doesn’t necessarily matter for the opportunities you’re applying for, so err on the side of leaving it off.  

How to Present Your GPA 

So how exactly do you include your GPA on a resume? There is an art to the process. For the numbers themselves, include them along with your educational experience. It will be listed along with where you attended school, your graduation dates, and your major. You should also include other honors or accomplishments that aren’t GPA-related. And if your GPA isn’t high enough to include but you won awards, go ahead and add those to the education section.   

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